This sign represents the success (This sign comes from the idea that when our ancestors saw the rain coming, knew they had a good harvest, reason is related to success in any type of case) and relates to the other signs that appear in our dream. But if we dream of overcast skies with rain, then it meant that there may be some difficulties and we must do more.

- If we dream of a RAIN OF CORPSES or bodies falling everywhere, it means we are raining problems and setbacks. This dream advises us to get an amulet of protection ( http://nelamoxtli.com/charmop.html ).

- If it is a DOWNPOUR THAT WE HAVE FIXED is that there will be interference or problems to be solved before reaching benefits.

- Dreaming of a GLASS FULL OF RAINWATER, augurs health and or the end of our troubles, at least that is the water of a storm, because then tells us that difficulties lie ahead.

- To dream that we MOVE AWAY FROM A CERTAIN PALCE in the rain, means that the more we move away from that site or what it represents, the more successful we (The point is to do things differently or try somewhere else, depending on our current situation ).

- If we recently lost our pet, and in the dream we see our PET IN THE MIDST OF A STORM, means we must do everything possible to find because this suffering, for example: Put up posters offering a reward to whoever finds it, visit the kennel to see if in that place, ask someone with experience in such cases, ask our guardian angel to help us , and so on.

- If we dream that PRAY FOR RAIN, means we want a little Divine help to get out of a difficult situation.

- If we dream that PRAY FOR RAIN AND RAIN, means we will soon have some Divine help to get out of a difficult situation; and the same meaning if we see a priest or a pythia praying for rain, whether we see he(she) only pray or we see to pray for rain and rain.

- To dream of a SLOW STEADY RAIN portends that the benefit will be large but slow in coming.


To dream of hail announces misfortune and lost according to what we ourselves provoke.

The sky represents our wishes and desires.
- If in our dream we see the daytime sky, it means it's time for our projects. But if it is dark, it means we are in a stage of starting projects.
- If we see a clear sky means that all is well in our projects. But if it is cloudy, predicts difficulties.
- If we see a sky threatening storm, means that our situation worsens.
- If we see that suddenly the clouds begin to gather quickly threatening a storm, then there is something we should not do, as can be that we are planning to do a bad deed, so that the dream tells us that if we do we will in serious difficulties.

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