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Dreams: Ro

Represents our likely fate, which has not yet materialized. If a road or street is divided or arrived at a crossroads, it means that we make a decision soon, here is also important to pay attention to what we are seeing around, or along the road.
- A STRAIGHT AND WIDE, predict success and good fortune.
- If the road is NARROW, it means that our margin for maneuver is limited.
- If you dream of a NARROW ROAD WITH STEEP SLOPES, means we will have many setbacks.
- If the road runs through FLAT TERRAIN, you do not find too many problems.
- If there are many BENDS IN THE ROAD, our business or affairs are complicated.
- A road UNDER CONSTRUCTION, means loss of money.
- If you see a street or a road BLOCK, says that we will face an obstacle, we suggest that although there are difficulties in our way, we should not give up, but keep trying until success. More meanings of road.

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- If we see garbage bags and notice that in them there is waste of roasted chicken, it means that there is someone who has bad will, because we despise it (For example, An ex girlfriend).
But if we see those bags inside our house and take them out to be taken away by the garbage truck, then it means that we are controlling the situation well.

In most cases, when we steal in a dream means hard things get. But if someone steals something from us, means that we have peace and order in our lives, or that there is a danger of someone stealing us anything, at least in the same dream that person returns us what robbery, since in that case means that the danger has disappeared.
- If we dream that we stole an ATM it means we wish have more money, but it is unlikely that we will. This dream advises us that the only way forward, will be studying and improving what we do.
- If we dream that we STOLE SOMETHING but then we RETURN THE STOLEN it means that we are still hard to get something, but still have the ability to change things.

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Robin bird:
To dream of a robin means that there is a discreet and sincere friendship in whom we can trust and have support.

View an android or a robot, in our dreams means:
This dream advises us that we should not let others care to carry out the work that we perform.
It can also be a tip that tells us that we should be less rigid and mechanical in what we do.

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Rockefeller, John D.:
It means good luck in money matters.

Rocker/Rock star:
- Sometimes we can dream of a rocker that has an ALIKE WITH SOMEONE WE KNOW; in that case the dream is related to that person who looks like him, so that the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream, is related, precisely with that person.
- If we see us BEING A FAMOUS ROCKER, the dream augurs us success.
- If in our dream we SEE A FAMOUS ROCKER, it can mean passenger pleasures.
It can also mean that in our real life we don't feel recognized enough.
- If in our dream we see a famous rocker, so WE TRY TO APPROACH HIM, BUT HIS BODYGUARDS prevent us from doing so, it means that there is someone who is trying to prevent us from achieving our goals.

This sign says it will soon we rejoice with joy, but lasted a short time
- If in our dream we see a rocket, it means that we will enjoy happiness, but lasted a short time.
- If a friend or family member died recently, and in our dream we see a white rocket, it means your soul is on its way to Heaven, so we should not worry.

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Rocking chair:
This sign is related to our current situation, so if it looks good, it means that our situation is good, but if it looks bad, it means the opposite.
It can also mean that we must seek balance, so that we are neither too good to be abused, nor too bad so that no one loves us but a reasonable thing.

Rocoto chilli:
This sign is related to dislikes and anger.
- If we dream of rocotos, it means that we are too angry about something that is of little importance.
- If in the dream we see our ex, eating rocotos, it means that she is still angry with us.

This dream tells us of everything that worries us or gnaws us inside.

Rodeo grounds:
- If the charro or the cowboy does everything well in the rodeo ground/charreada, it means that we will be able to do things well and we will dominate the situation well. But if charro or cowboy fails to do things right, then, it means the opposite.

Roe deer:
It is a symbol of elevation.
- If a herd portends great returns and triumphs.
- If we see one and their young augurs fertility and happiness.

- If we dream, that we abuse of our role, means it is likely that someone will reproach you of something.

Roller (From: The paint roller):
To dream that we paint with a roller and that we do it with a wine color, means that if we do things well and wisely, we will achieve a positive turn in our life or in a certain matter.

Roller blades/Roller skates:
- It warns that we are or will find in difficult circumstances where all caution will be insufficient.
- If we dream that we're going to a excursion, but we have to choose between a roller-skates(Roller-blades), and a pair of flippers, and we choose the flippers, means that we will achieve that plus spiritual peace we want, because we made the right decision. But if we choose the roller-skates or roller-blades, then, tells us that it is likely that we manage to find spiritual peace, but in the attempt we get to fall in a difficult situation, so we must be very careful as to what we're doing, or planning do.

Rolling pin:
- If we dream that we hit someone with a rolling pin, it means that we are rushing too much to do something, what we advise, take it easy and do things well.

Roller skater:
If we see someone known to be a roller skater, it means that that person will find himself in difficult circumstances in which all caution will be little.
But if we are the roller skater, then we will be the ones who will find ourselves in difficult circumstances where all caution will be little.

Represents the ups and downs of life.
- Dreaming we build a roller coaster, it means that we are assuming more responsibility than they should and the same meaning if we see one of our brothers building a roller coaster.

Rolling shopping cart:
- If we see the rolling shopping car full, meaning we will not have money problems.
- If the rolling shopping cart is empty, tells us that we will have some difficulties about money.

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Rolls Royce:
- To dream that we travel in a Rolls Royce, means that others see us as the best in something (For example: The best to do a job, the most capable, the most attractive, the ideal, etc.).
- If we dream that we are in a Rolls Royce, but does not want to work or start, says that others or someone sees us as the best, but there is something that is not working, (For example if we see ourselves in a pink Rolls Royce that does not want to start, means that there is someone who sees us as your ideal partner or boyfriend, but there is something that is not working or that we are missing, as it may be, that we do not show enough attention to that person, etc. r

- If it's love affairs, it means slander and gossip.
- If we dream that we have an affair with someone who is not our partner and we also kiss that someone, it means infidelity.
- If in our dream, we see ourselves being unfaithful to our partner, it means that we are dissatisfied with her(him) because of her(his) character or the way she behaves.
- If in our dream we see our partner being unfaithful, it means that he(she) is dissatisfied with our character or with the way we behave.

If we dream that the person we like is romantic with us, it means that she(he) likes you, and you have good chances with her(him).

Romantic breakup:
To dream of a sentimental break, it means that we must avoid situations that can lead us to a break with our girlfriend(boyfriend).
- If we dream that our girlfriend (or boyfriend if it is a woman's dream), ends with us and tells us of rudeness, it means that something is not going well in our relationship even if we have not yet realized it. This dream advises us to analyze the situation well and/or avoid situations that may lead us to discussions with it.
- If we dream that our girlfriend(boyfriend) finishes us and returns with her(his) ex, it means that she(he) still loves her(his) ex, besides being dissatisfied with something of our character or the way we behave lately .
This dream advises us to avoid situations that can lead us to a rupture. r

Ronald McDonald (The mascot of McDonald's restaurant):
Represents someone who is a bad influence by their bad habits. It can also represent a bad advisor.
- But if we dream that Ronald McDonald is chasing us, then, it means that our bad habits are causing us many problems or that they can cause us problems in the future.
- If a child dreams that his parents disappear and then the McDonald's clown pursues him, it means that his bad habits can get him into trouble and his parents will not be at his side all the time to defend him.

To dream that you are on a roof is related to our ambitions and desires.

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- If inside the room the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming it symbolizes the aspiration and longing to the welfare and security, and if a bedroom, good understanding with the couple and the family.
- If the environment is unpleasant and oppressive reflects the fears and frustrations of a difficult past.
- If the room is full of wet means that we still have frustrations through a difficult past, and we fear that happens again the same.
- If the room has no doors or windows, symbolizes isolation, it may also mean that we have more courage and willpower.
If this is a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, etc., then we must consult the specific meaning.

If we dream that we have a roommate, it means that we will soon have to endure some discomfort and/or breach of trust. So we must be prudent.

Rooming house:
- If we dream that we are in a rooming house with someone we like, but suddenly thugs come and attack the person we like, it means that someone, that because of jealousy, could harm the person we like.

Symbolizes vigilance, courage, violence, or inordinate desire.
- To dream of a rooster announces good luck.
- Hearing a rooster crow, betokens the realization of our desires.
- If we dream that a rooster attacks us, or we see a cock fight, portends domestic disputes due to jealousy.
- To Kill a rooster, foretells bad luck.
- If in the dream we see someone we know with a rooster (Which carries with it a rooster), means that we must be careful with that person, and he tried to impose something according to their thinking, even by force (For example: A friend, boss, husband, girlfriend, etc.).

The roots of the trees represent the underworld, so we usually have a bad meaning.
- If we dream we walked in the hollow of a tree which is completely hollow inside, and started to fall to the roots means that someone is trying to get us through some witchcraft ritual African American (in which sometimes usually bury things in the roots of trees) regardless of whether they can cause us harm or that they only come with a fake to try to do something bad.

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- See a rope hanging above symbolizes a means of ascension.
- If we are suspended from a rope, the dream promises us that we will soon reach a higher position.
- If we are climbing up the rope indicates our desire to move up in our work or an issue.
- If we are down or we fall portends a decline position, or the frustration of our hopes.
- If the rope is on the floor, on furniture or in our hands, it is a warning about the state of our business.

Ropes, ring:
To dream that we are on the ropes, unable to defend ourselves, it means that we are in a difficult situation from which there seems no way out. This dream advises us to do more besides striving to make a better strategy.

This sign tells us to keep an eye on our independence and our freedom.
- If someone gives us a rosary (whatever the rosary may be), it means that there is a danger that comes from that person, but if we do not recognize it, it means that the danger comes from our vanity or sensuality.
- If in the dream we see ourselves traveling with someone in a car and it happens that she(he) drives, but also, we notice that she has a rosary in the car, it means that we must avoid that person dominates us too much, because we also have the right to say and to oppose when something does not suit us.
- If we give a rosary to someone, it means that we want that person as a couple.

A rosehip is an aid to our health and our soul.

- If in our dream we see a rosegarden, it means good luck in the affairs of love.

Predicts success in our projects, it is also a sign of prayer.
- To dream about a BLACK rose represents a hypocrite or infidel love. It may also represent a bad attitude.
- If the rose is BLUE, it may mean a difficult love to reach, or the start of something very important, depending on other signs we see in our dream.
- To dream about a BOUQUET OF RED ROSES means good luck in love.
- If a woman dreams, of a CHOCOLATE ROSE means that she have good chances in matters of love.
- If we dream a GARDEN WITH ROSES means good luck in love.

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Seeing or eating rotten foods means that discomfort and bad luck are approaching.
It can also represent something that was ruined, for example: A project, a friendship, a subject, et cetera.

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In the positive sense it represents courage and protection; in the negative sense, it represents the possibility of ending a love or a friend.
- To dream that a dog of the Rottweiler breed tries to bite us, means that a compromise is in danger, or that we fail to see our desires fulfilled, to marry who we love.
- If it bites us it means the same as the previous one, only that the danger is greater.
- If in our dream we see a rottweiler and we feel fear, because we think that it can attack us, but it happens that it does nothing to us, it means that we are afraid that a commitment, courtship, society, or alliance is broken, this dream advises us analyze things well, since most likely there is no danger.
- If we dream of a rottweiler puppy, it represents a possibility of getting married, or getting to have a good friend, but at the same time the dream, tells us that there may be a difficulty in the future.
- If in our dream we see a rottweiler and it does not attack us, besides that in the dream we do not see things that have a negative meaning, it means that we are well protected, or that we have the courage to face the situation.

It reveals the desire for a better life, and the weakness of character and the lack of courage to achieve it.
- If we bet and lose it reflects the fear of misfortune.

Roulette, russian:
To dream that we play Russian roulette means that we are dissatisfied with our life or with something in it. It can also mean that we are being too pessimistic.

The routes represent our possibilities to choose a destination that suits us.
- If in our dream we see ourselves in front of a cruise or crossroads, it means that we will have to choose between several options.
- If we see a straight and wide route, it means that we will have success and good luck in our projects.
- If we see ourselves go down a route that has many curves, it means that we will have several complications before we can achieve our projects.
- If we see ourselves going on a straight route that takes us through flat terrain, it means that we will achieve success without many problems.

Route 66 (The famous route of U. S. A):
To dream of the famous Route 66 means that although it seems that we are on our way to success, there is something that we are not doing quite right, which can bring us bad luck in the long term.

- If the oars are in good condition, it means that our affairs will be resolved positively after numerous sacrifices.
- If the oars are damaged, it means we will have delays in our projects.
- If the oars are broken, it means bad luck.
- If the oars are missing, it means the same as the previous one.

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