The roots of the trees represent the underworld, so we usually have a bad meaning.

- If we see a tree, and the most notorious thing is that its roots are BIGGER AND THICKER THAN NORMAL, it predicts problems and difficulties.

- If in our dream we see a tree in a pot, and the most notorious is that its roots have GROWED SO MUCH THAT THEY HAVE BROKEN THE POT, it means that we must analyze the situation or what we are planning to do, (For example: There may be some error or something that is not right) since there is something that can go wrong.

- If we dream we walked in the hollow of a tree which is completely empty inside, and started to FALL TO THE ROOTS means that someone is trying to get us through some witchcraft ritual African American (In which sometimes usually bury things in the roots of trees) regardless of whether they can cause us harm or that they only come with a fake to try to do something bad.

- If we dream that we PULL UP a plant from the root, it is the same as ending a problem definitively.

- If in our dream we SIMPLY SEE THE ROOTS of a tree, it means difficulties, discussions, health problems, misunderstandings, etc., since the roots of the trees represent the underworlds (Hells), so they are a sign of all kinds of bad things.

- If we dream that we get a TOOTH with our hands and see that it has a very large root, it means that in order to avoid a loss we must analyze an issue from its root, that is, thoroughly, for example, to avoid losing a love, goods, a legal battle, etc.

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