Predicts success in our projects, it is also a sign of prayer.

- To dream about a BLACK rose represents a hypocrite or infidel love. It may also represent a bad attitude.

- If the rose is BLUE, it may mean a difficult love to reach, or the start of something very important, depending on other signs we see in our dream.

- To dream about a BOUQUET OF RED ROSES means good luck in love.

- If a woman dreams, of a CHOCOLATE ROSE means that she have good chances in matters of love.

- If we dream a GARDEN WITH ROSES means good luck in love.

- If is a GOLD ROSE mean absolute success.

- Dreaming ORANGE roses represents a probably commitment to marriage. And if we see white and orange roses, talks about a possible compromise, but also gives us more details because it says that it is a commitment that is advisable.

- If the rose is RED: Passionate love.

- If we dream that SMELL THE PLEASANT aroma of a rose, augurs fortunate events.

- If in the dream we see a red rose, but noticed that the flower is fine but the STEM IS WITHERED OR IS VERY SHORT means that if we have good luck in love have to try a little harder.

- If in our dream we carry a pink rose in our hand, means we have good luck with a new love, or a love that starts. But if we notice that the STEM OF THE ROSE (pink color) IS VERY SHORT, means that to have good luck with a new love must try a little harder.

- If we dream a rose with THORNS can mean several things, for example: If a young woman who's dreams, can mean fear of sex.

- If the roses are WHITE signifies purity.

- If we dream of a WITHERED ROSE represents the likely end of something, for example: If we dream of a withered red rose, means a probably end of a love.

- If we dream that we STEPPED ON A ROSE and the rose WITHERED tells us that we are destroying a love because our attitude.

- If in our dream we see will several WITHERING ROSES, means that a relationship has ended or says of a disappointment.

- If the rose is YELLOW means: That we must act intelligently.

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