In most cases, when we steal in a dream means hard things get. But if someone steals something from us, means that we have peace and order in our lives, or that there is a danger of someone stealing us anything, at least in the same dream that person returns us what robbery, since in that case means that the danger has disappeared.

-- If it is an ASSAULT, means:

  • If someone assaults us, it means that our belongings are not at risk unless they are soldiers, then the dream tells us that we will need a lot of courage for our purposes.
  • If we are the raiders, indicates that our successes we have achieved through our boldness.

-- If we dream that we stole an ATM it means we wish have more money, but it is unlikely that we will. This dream advises us that the only way forward, will be studying and improving what we do.

-- If we dream that we STOLE SOMETHING but then we RETURN THE STOLEN, it means that we are still hard to get something, but still have the ability to change things.

-- To dream that we stole a BROKEN MIRROR means that we not need envy a certain person, because what she has is not as good as it looks.

-- To dream that someone STEALING OUR CAR means that our life is being frustrated, as can be, because of a relationship that does not work (dating, society...) or a job we do not like.
It may also represent someone who is thwarting our lives, such as an enemy or a rival.

-- If we dream that we went on a date with our EX GIRLFRIEND(EX BOYFRIEND), but felt cramped or uncomfortable because we bring no car so WE TRY TO STEAL ONE CAR means that we would be very difficult or inconvenient to return to our girlfriend(boyfriend).

-- If we dream that two CHILDREN try to steal us, it represents an opponent or competitor who is trying to steal, take away or win to us something important.

-- To dream that we stole a PACK OF CIGARETTS, tells us that for now, it will not be possible to have vacation or distractions.

-- If we stole a pack of CIGARETTS, AND ONE OF THE THINGS we remember of the dream, it was GREEN, tells us that the time is not prudent for us to take vacation or distracted because our issues are missing much to mature or there is an issue that requires our attention.

-- To dream that WE ARE IN A CLOTHING STORE AND WE STOLE SOMETHING what they sell there, means there is something that it is difficult to achieve, but also advises us not give up or settle, but keep trying until you get what we want.

-- If a mother dreams that her DAUGHTER(SON) AND HER SON-IN-LAW (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW) steal something from her, it means that her daughter and her son-in-law (daughter-in-law) are taking advantage of her in some way.

-- To dream that we stole something and then we ESCAPE BEFORE WE DISCOVER, means that something is being hard to get us, because of our lack of confidence in ourselves.

-- If we dream that we FIGHT against someone to avoid being robbed, it represents our struggle against someone who wants to steal something or who wants to rob us of someone important (For example: Someone who wants to win us or steal our girlfriend).

-- STEALING FROM A THIEF it means good luck in our business or affairs. It may also mean that we will manage to avoid a hazard.

-- If we dream that someone steals something while we are with our GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND), means that someone is trying to steal us our girlfriend(boyfriend) or that someone is planning to steal us and something has to do with our girlfriend(boyfriend), for example: That a love rival that is planning to steal something to us as a revenge.

-- If we dream that someone steals something from us, but a friend HELPS TO RECOVER IT, means more or less the opposite, that is, it means that soon we will have the possibility to help a friend to prevent someone steal something from him (which is good since if we help others, they could help us in the future).

-- If we dream that someone gets to STEAL IN OUR HOUSE means there is the possibility of being robbed something important, but if we chase the thief, then, means that we will manage to avoid it, thanks to our well do.

-- If we dream that someone steals our MOBILE PHONE, means that there is a danger that someone will steal or win our girlfriend, for example, a friend or someone we know.

-- If we dream that SOMEONE WHO WE KNOW steals us, for example: A usb or a tablet (Something that can easily be lost or stolen), means that there is a danger that we lose or steal our usb, tablet, etc., but in any case, we should not be suspicious or be rude to that person known, since he is honest.

-- To dream that someone steals in the house of NEIGHBOR means that there is a gossiping about everything we do, so that there is danger that someone gives information to a thief to steal us.

-- If we dream that one of our PARENTS steals something, it means that there is a latent risk that our father, mother or both, punish us by taking something away for a while, such as our cell phone, computer, tablet, video game, etc.

- If in the dream we thought we stole something, but suddenly REMEMBER THAT, WHAT HAPPENS IS THAT LEAVE OTHERWISE, means that even though things look bad, so good, but still, there's something we should not forget, for example: If we invent or design something new, we must not forget to register and if we rented an apartment, we must make a contract...)

-- If we dream that SOMEONE IS STEALING OUR SHOES means that someone is trying to force us to do His will, whether manipulating us, by deception, trying to confuse us, through witchcraft, or make any means, you can help to carry out its purposes.

-- To dream that we THINK THAT SOMEONE STEALING SOMETHING, BUT THEN WE REALIZE THAT WAS ELSEWHERE means that while things look bad, so good.

-- If we dream that we stole something, but then WE THOUGHT ABOUT RETURNING IT but the dream ends before we do, it means we want to achieve or accomplish something, but even though we are striving, the future is uncertain, or us this to be needed to do something to achieve it.

-- If a child or an adolescent dream, someone will steal your TWITER means it is likely that soon, her parents will not let him use his twiter because of low grades, but can also be another cause, depending on your current situation.

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