This sign says it will soon we rejoice with joy, but lasted a short time

- If in our dream we see a rocket, it means that we will enjoy happiness, but lasted a short time.

- If a friend or family member died recently, and in our dream we see a white rocket, it means your soul is on its way to Heaven, so we should not worry.

- If we dream we travel in a rocket, and suddenly an accident happens, it means the fear of making an important decision prevents us we get to enjoy a little joy.

- But if it is a space shuttle, then, means that we want to achieve a much higher level. This dream tells us that the only way to achieve a higher level is through effort and perseverance.

Here we see a space shuttle, whose meaning is different from a regular rocket as it is more like an airplane.


- It means passing joys, is as small satisfactions that last a short time.
- See kids thundering fireworks, means the same as above.

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