Seeing or eating rotten foods means that discomfort and bad luck are approaching.
It can also represent something that was ruined, for example: A project, a friendship, a subject, et cetera.

- If we dream that we are walking down the street and suddenly we see a bag full of rotten AVOCADOS, it represents an ex-friend that is beginning to become an annoyance.

- If we dream a red or pink SAUSAGE, which is broken or rotten, it means that bad luck is approaching in love. The meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more information about the reason for that bad luck.

- If we dream of rotten TEETH, it means the following:

  • If we see ANOTHER PERSON with rotten teeth, it means that there is someone who is sorry for their slander and lies.
  • If in our dream we see our girlfriend(boyfriend) with a rotten FACE, it means that our concept about her (him) is changing drastically or that soon she will change drastically.
  • To dream that pieces of a rotten tooth FALL DOWN to us means that we are worried about having spoken badly of someone or to have said a gossip, at the same time as it says to us that there is a near danger that is related with the same thing.
  • If we have a NIGHTMARE and then we see (Even sometimes, we may not distinguish well if it was part of the dream or if we saw it in reality) a person with old and rotten teeth means that there is a pesky spirit (Poltergeist) It is bothering us.
  • If in dreams we see OURSELVES with rotten teeth, it means that we are sorry for having slandered someone, or for having told a lie.

- If we dream that someone THROWS SOMETHING ROTTEN at us, it means that we wish we could get rid of someone who is very annoying, or that someone has caused us a lot of problems and anguish.

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