If in our dream we see a road or something similar such as a street, avenue, boulevard, road, et cetera, are going to relate to the way we carry in our life and what to expect from obstacles (Such as when we see that many people suddenly crosses the road), Hazard (When the road gets dark), a promising future (A straight avenue with plenty of trees, et cetera.), decisions that we make (When we arrived at a crossroads)...
That is, the aspect of the journey and what we are in, we will detail the way that we now and what to expect next.

- If you walk down a street or road, and we FIND SOMETHING, we seek the meaning of that thing, because that is the meaning, but if we come back, then it means that we got rid of something that relates to the meaning of we see, for example: If you have a negative meaning, it is because we got rid of that negative, but if you have a good meaning, then it most likely means is that we get that good that we are on the way to our lack of courage and determination.

- If you CROSS road or street means a change of social type. It may also mean that we leave behind our fears to make progress and grow.

- To dream that travel in a car and suddenly see a junction that leads to a CULT, it means that if we choose a different path in our lives, we can cause havoc.

- If you walk down a street or road, and suddenly we SEE CROSS MANY PEOPLE, tells us that many obstacles lie ahead, which we are advised to seek a different path to achieve our objectives.

- To dream of a DARK street or road, we said that our lives have taken a day dangers, which advises us to be prudent.

- If in our dream we SEE A CROSS, you have come a time when we have to choose, ultimately, where to direct our lives or that we make a decision soon. But if bedtime followed the directions to have a dream in which we see a loved one who has already left this world and dream of a cross, then, means that our family member or friend is in the place of four roads lead to different directions of the universe, what we recommend pray in the morning and a stick of incense burning to help you choose the path that leads to Heaven.

- If in our dream we see an INTERSECTION where one of the avenues and roads there is a market tells us that if we lead our lives the way we want (how to achieve what we really want) we pay a price such as having to work harder and be very firm in our goals, or making some sacrifices to achieve our goals.

- If in our dream we see a COYOTE in our way, means there will be robbers on the road, or that we will find dishonest people.

- If we dream that we are on a road and suddenly we look down and realize that someone SPAT there, means that someone will have to make every effort to achieve their ends, in this case, it may be an adversary who is to harm us, but can not because it needed to do much more to accomplish.

- To dream of walking along a road or a street and see it LEAKS, it means suffering and danger ahead, which advises us to be prepared.

- Dreaming of a ROCKY ROAD, we said that we will have many problems.

- If in our dream we see a white DOG gets in our way, probably means marriage.

- If you dream that the way in which we travel is BECOMING DARK, it means we're taking a dangerous path.

- If you dream that the way in which we travel is BECOMING BLURRED, it means that soon we will face difficult things to understand.

- If we dream that we are on a car and suddenly see three ALTERNATIVE solutions, means we should not change our strategy, or seek a different path in life, but rather work harder and be more sure of ourselves.

- If you dream of a FRIEND OR RELATIVE ALREADY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD, and we see an intersection or approaching a junction, it means that your soul is in the place of the four roads leading to different directions of the universe. I suggest we pray in the morning, for the angels to help you choose the path that leads to heaven.

If in our dream the path splits, it means that we make a decision soon.

- If it's an AVENUE OR A STREET, means the following:


If we see an alley, we say that we are involved in a case that has no solution, therefore, it is best to take a different route or try to achieve our objectives in a different way.

Deviation street:
Tells us that unforeseen circumstances predictably alter the evolution of our projects.

Opposite-direction street:
- If you dream to drive in the opposite direction, tells us that there is a difficult situation in our lives.
- If you dream you are crossing a street one way and suddenly we see a car coming fast, and try to cross soon, but then we see that comes another in the opposite direction, and either run over or that we wake up before that happens, it means that we have laid a trap from which hardly escaped. This dream has well-advised to analyze the situation and not be complacent, because although it seems that we have the situation under control, the truth is that there is a catch, so we should take all precautionary measures, even ask for help from an expert, and we see a side of the street can give us more details of the case.

Traffic light:
If in our dream we see a traffic light and the light is green, it means that all is well and that we move forward with our plans. But if we see the red light, it is a warning, which is related to our plans, so that tells us to stop and analyze the situation very well, before we go or we can come to see us in serious trouble.

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