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Dreams: Ri

- If in our dream we see a ribbon, warns us of an engagement (Love relationship) inconvenient or no future.
- If we dream that we bring on a red ribbon fashion necklace with a lemon instead of amulet means we are well protected, or we can go ahead with our plans, since there is no danger.

Seeing rice in our dream means that relief and consolation for our sorrows will soon arrive.
The same means if we dream that we eat rice.

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To dream that we are very rich, reveals the ambition of wealth, in most cases it warns us that economic difficulties are coming.

If we see rickety in the dream, it means that we should pay attention to our diet, but if we see someone rickety, it means that someone needs our help.
- If in our dream we see a black and rickety dog, it means that a friend or relative who recently left this world needs our help, for example: From our prayers, so that he can reach Heaven.
- If in our dream we see a rickety cat, in addition to being white, it means that there is a woman who needs our help, but at the same time the dream tells us that if we help her we will run the risk of being betrayed by her; which advises us to be prudent.

Ride, get a/Hitching ride:
In this case the meaning of the dream depends on who we ask to give us a ride, or where we go after someone go to give us a ride.
- If in our dream we ask for a ride to a woman scientist and she agrees to take us, tells us that the further experimenting, studying, observing and being creative will bring good luck. But if she does not accept lead, then it means that we are hesitating on whether to study, do research, observe, experiment and be creative, so we no benefit.

- To dream that we must to solve a riddle represent an issue that is difficult to resolve.

If in our dream we see ourselves getting ridiculous, it means that we are being insecure or that we are not knowing how to control our emotions well.
- If we see ourselves dressed ridiculously, it means we are being insecure. But if we dream of someone we know wearing ridiculous clothes, it means that that person is being insecure towards us, for example: If in the dream we see someone we like and we notice that she(he) is dressed in ridiculous clothes and that is pink or red, it means we like it too, but she(he) fears that we don't like her(him) enough.

- Riding at full speed indicates strong desires of sexuality.
- Mastering the horse equivalent of being able to control our senses and passions.
- If we do not control the horse, it means that we are unable to control our senses and passions.
- If these dreams have a child, talk about desires for adventure and action.

When we simply see a rifle in our dream, it means that there is a plot against us.
But if we dream that we carry a rifle, that is, that we carry a rifle in our hands, it means that we must be careful with our temperament or with what we do, since we can hurt someone; although the meaning may vary a bit depending on the context of the dream, since sometimes it relates to our ability to defend ourselves, for example: If we take the weapon in our hands and notice that it is of poor quality, it means that we do not have a good capacity of defense, in which case the ideal is to seek advice or greater knowledge, in order to find a better method of defense.

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The right side is right and the seriousness, unless you are indicating north, for example: if we are pointing to the north with the right hand, means difficulties.
- If in our dream we are looking to the right, or see something directed to the right, tells us that we are doing the right thing. And if the most notorious in our dream is to walk or go to the right, tells us that we are doing the right thing.
- If in our dream we see a coat of arms with the figure of a lion facing right this tells us that we are right.

- If in the dream we see our car but with some lower quality rims than it originally had, it means that we must be careful with some people, for example: With inept and dishonest mechanics who could steal parts from our car or do a job of poor quality.

A ring means: Continuity and protection. It may also be related to a commitment with someone or a cause.
a compromise lucky.
- Dreaming of an engagement ring is associated with a probable marriage proposal, or a marriage commitment, depending on our current situation.

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Ring, boxing:
To dream that we are against the ropes, without being able to defend ourselves, means that we are in a difficult situation from which there seems to be no way out. This dream advises us to try harder and make a better strategy.

- If in our dream we listen to the ringtone of the phone without answering, it means dangerous relationships with people who only seek their own benefit.

To dream of a riot, means that soon there may be fights or fights around us.

Riot hose:
- If we dream that a policeman wet us with a riot hose, it means that we must avoid doing improper things, since we could get ourselves into problems.

- To dream pantyhose with tears warn us about possible deceptions or false promises.
- If we dream that our pants are torn, it means that we are losing the courage and courage to do things.
- If we dream that we are wearing torn pants, it means that we are lacking courage and determination.
- If we dream that we are wearing gray pants and also notice that it is torn, it means that we are suffering from depression and anguish, and this is because of our lack of determination and courage to do things.

Rip off:
- This dream warns us that some of our friends may hinder or complicate our business.
- To dream that we are in a store and the manager of the place, trying to rip us off, it means that we ought to be wary of those who believe are on our side, because they can complicate our affairs or business.
- To dream that someone is trying to rip us off but in the end we discovered the ruse, it means that someone could have complicated our issues, but we have everything under control.

To dream of ripe fruit means abundance and prosperity.

Seeing ourselves in our dream avoiding a risk means that we will have luck and success in our projects, but if we fail to avoid it, it means the opposite.

- To dream that you do a ritual may mean that we better focus our energies. It may also mean that there is a habit in us that we must break.
- Dreaming of a cult ritual means we will soon have troubles, at least we manage to end a bad habit I have.

Ritual, initiation:
- If we dream that they want to make us members of an evil rite, for example: From the Palo mayombe or Voodoo rite… through an initiation ritual, and it happens that during the ritual we begin to bleed our heads, it means that we must think things well and not let us be influenced by such rites.

If in our dream we see a rival, means that we are causing the loss of a valuable friendship with our attitude.
- If in the dream just see our LOVE RIVAL (Someone who is trying to steal our girlfriend (boyfriend)) means that we must give priority to our interests, for example: Our relationship or our interests beyond our relationship, the case is to analyze the situation well to know what is best for us to do.
- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE LIKE and also is present our rival, but then he(she) goes, means that soon we will not have to worry about the opponent as it moved away or cease to be our rival.
- If in our daily living we have a rival, and we dream that we are not your enemy and SHARE TO WHOM WE LIKE means that we would resolve things with that person, but as we still like the same person, the more likely it is that the problems continue.
- To dream that our girlfriend (boyfriend) is cheating us and our rival causes your DOG ATTACK US and bites us, represents someone who is trying to separate from her (him), because he (she) wants to steal our girlfriend(boyfriend).

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The rivers in our dreams represent our journey through life, and sometimes represents a step to another astral plane.
- If in our dream we see a RIVER OF BLOOD, tells us that a relative or friend who recently left this world needs our help, for example: Through our prayers. It can also be a reminder that tells us that we must not forget our pets treated well.
- If we dream of a person who goes on a boat PASSING BY A RIVER RUNS ALONG A CANYON means someone who recently departed this world is traveling to the underworld, which tells us that it is important pray for her, for God to guide you to the path that leads to Heaven.
Sometimes the dream is more explicit, and we see our family or friend who recently left this world in the boat, but other times we may see it differently, as can be: As was young.

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Seeing an arid riverbank means that we are afraid of not being able to make our love yearnings.

The riverbed can mean the following:
- If overflow or run uneasy, tells us that there are problems to come, that we face and not run from them.
- A river overflows, without returning to its normal course, can also mean that things hardly again be as they were before.
- If it is quiet and the water is clear, it indicates general welfare, but if the water is dirty tells us coming difficulties or changes that we face.
- If the water is clean and clear, it means that our feelings are pure, or it can also mean: happiness.
- If the waters are murky and muddy, it means that our feelings are not pure and can cause sorrow.
- If only we as a river flows, means that we are letting lose the energies and feelings without exploiting them.
- A river overflows, but then returns to its normal channel, means that things return to normal.

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