The rivers in our dreams represent our journey through life, and sometimes represents a step to another astral plane.

- If in our dream we see a RIVER OF BLOOD, tells us that a relative or friend who recently left this world needs our help, for example: Through our prayers. It can also be a reminder that tells us that we must not forget our pets treated well.

- If we dream of a person who goes on a boat PASSING BY A RIVER RUNS ALONG A CANYON, means someone who recently departed this world is traveling to the underworld, which tells us that it is important pray for her, for God to guide you to the path that leads to Heaven.
Sometimes the dream is more explicit, and we see our family or friend who recently left this world in the boat, but other times we may see it differently, as can be: As was young.

- If the river waters are CLEAN AND CLEAR it means that our feelings are pure, or it can also mean: happiness.

- If in our dream we see a river DAM means, that in our life we are stagnating, and if in addition we notice that the water is dirty, it means that we are stagnating because of people who have us ill will.

- IF THE WATER IS DIRTY tells us coming difficulties or changes that we face.

- If in our dream we see a DOG TRYING TO CROSS A RIVER, means someone died recently.

- If we dream that we managed to ESCAPE THAT THE CURRENT OF A TURBULENT RIVER DRAGS US, it means that sometimes we are faced with the danger of being dragged by circumstances, but the important thing is that we fight and do not let ourselves be dragged by them.

- IF ONLY SEE AS FLOWS, means that we are letting lose energy and feelings not use them.

- If in our dream we see a river full of GARBAGE with black water, it means that there are people who envy us and have bad will.

- If in our dream see a gondola or boat travelling by a river and also see a lot of KNIVES, it means that someone left this world a few years ago and found in an underworld, so he(she) need to we pray for him(her) so can be rescued by the Angels and thus get to Heaven.

- If the river waters are MURKY AND MUDDY it means that our feelings are not pure and can cause sorrow.

- If the river OVERFLOWS OR RUN RESTLESS, the dream tells us that there are problems to come, that we must face, not run from them.

- A river OVERFLOWS AND NOT RETURN TO NORMAL COURSE, can also mean that things hardly again be as they were before.

- A river OVERFLOWS BUT THEN BACK TO YOUR NORMAL COURSE, means that things return to normal.

- If the river RUNS QUIET, AND ARE CLEAR WATERS indicates general welfare.

- To dream of a SOUP river, it represents our family life.

- If we dream that we SWEEP ALONG the river flow means that it is likely to end in ruin.

- If you dream a river full URINE means that there is a delicate issue in our lives, but can also mean that someone is trying to dominate and that is not right. To see if the meaning is the first or the second we analyze our life a bit.

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