A ring means: continuity and protection. It may also be related to a commitment with someone or a cause.

- Dreaming of a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WEARING AN ENGAGEMENT RING with diamond considerably big represents a compromise lucky.

- If it BREAKS, tells us that there may be a break in our marriage.

- Dreaming of an ENGAGEMENT RING is associated with a probable marriage proposal, or a marriage commitment, depending on our current situation.

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- If the ring has GEMSTONES, the meaning is that of the stone.

- If we LOSE A RING means discussions with who gift us the ring in real life.

- If we dream of a beautiful woman dressed as a MUMMY and noticed he wears a gold ring on the ring finger (which usually takes the wedding ring), tells us that our couple is loyal to us (either our girlfriend or wife) but if a woman's dream, then it represents a loyal female-friend.

- If we OFFER A RING TO SOMEONE predicts joy.

- If we PUT THE RING TO SOMEONE ELSE it means we want to dominate him.

- If the dream is RELATED TO A MARRIAGE COMMITMENT predict: a promise of marriage.

- If is a SEAL-RING or similar, is a sign of power.


- If someone puts a necklace to us, and we recognize, means that we must be careful with this person, but if you do not recognize it, then we must be careful not to be carried away by vain and sensuality.
- If we give you a necklace to someone we know, means we want that person as a partner.

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