Seeing rice in our dream means that relief and consolation for our sorrows will soon arrive.
The same means if we dream that we eat rice.

- If in our dream we see a plate of RICE WITH LEMON ICE CREAM, it means that in order to achieve relief from our sorrows in terms of love and/or in terms of our businesses, we will have to endure some bitter or difficult moments first.

- Dreaming of a pot full of RICE WITH MILK, means that relief will soon come to our sorrows, as well as abundance, fertility, health and/or prosperity. But if the pot is almost empty, it means that we have little chance of seeing the end of our sorrows.

- Dreaming of RICE WITH SPICY SAUCE, means that we should not get too angry, or worry too much, because relief will soon come to our sorrows; and the same means if we eat rice with spicy sauce.

- If in the dream we see something that has to do with our WORK and there is also rice present, it means that our work-related problems will soon end.

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