When we simply see a rifle in our dream, it means that there is a plot against us.
But if we dream that we carry a rifle, that is, that we carry a rifle in our hands, it means that we must be careful with our temperament or with what we do, since we can hurt someone; although the meaning may vary a bit depending on the context of the dream, since sometimes it relates to our ability to defend ourselves, for example: If we take the weapon in our hands and notice that it is of poor quality, it means that we do not have a good capacity of defense, in which case the ideal is to seek advice or greater knowledge, in order to find a better method of defense.

- If in the dream we grab a rifle and in doing so we realize that it is of poor quality or is BROKEN, it means, that our defenses or strategies are not very effective, which advises us to seek a greater Knowledge and other method.

- If we dream that we BUY A RIFLE, it means we want to hurt someone. But if in the dream we see someone we know buying a rifle, then it means that person wants to hurt someone.

- If in the dream we take a rifle and in doing so we realize that the LOOK IS DEFECTIVE, it means that our defenses/strategies are not very effective, which advises us to seek greater knowledge and another method.

- If we SHOOT WITH A RIFLE, TO A FRIEND/FAMILY (To whom we love), it means that our imprudence or incompetence can harm one of ours, which advises us to analyze and make things better.

- If in the dream SOMEONE TRIES TO SHOOT US WITH A RIFLE, but the weapon locks or decomposes and therefore fails to harm us, it means that we will get rid of a danger or a plot.

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