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Dreams: Ru-Rz

- If we dream that someone tries to run us over, but only manages to rub us, it means that there is someone who wanted to commit an outrage or abuse against us, however, I did not succeed, and the only thing that caused us was anger or a minor nuisance.

Rubber stamp:
Seeing or placing an ink stamp or the one that is printed on any material, means firmness in what we do, unless we see someone else print a stamp, in which case it means firmness in the decisions of that person.

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If in our dream we see rubble, means fear and grief. But if we are wetting the rubble, then it means fear and grief are over.

If in our dream we see rubber, means there will be deception and disappointment. It may also mean that we have a soft character.

- Dreaming of a fairy rubing her eyes means that in order to achieve our goals, we need to show a little more courage.

This precious stone augurs us an intense love that will give us happiness and joy.

- If in the dream we are rude to someone, it means that we can offend a person; it can also mean that someone might think we're being too harsh with someone else, in which case we suggest, act with discretion.
- To dream that someone acts too rude to us, means that an injustice will be committed against us.

- If in the dream we see rue in good condition, it means that we are doing well and are safe from envy.
- But if the rue plant is in poor condition, it means that there is envy around us, or that it is likely that envious people will arrive soon, in which case it advises us not to trust ourselves too much.

This dream tells us that it is likely that we will be used without realizing it.

In most cases this is a bad sign and sometimes speaks of feelings and circumstances experienced we produce melancholy.
- If in our dream we see an ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA (Of any culture as seen today), it means that major changes in our life approach, which can be good or bad, but in any case is a warning to be prepared.
- Dreaming a RUINED CHURCH, tells us that soon attend a funeral.
- To dream that workers DEMOLISHED AN OLD AND RUINED CHURCH, tells us that we are saved from danger.
- If in our dream we see the HOUSE WE LIVE IN RUINS mean financial ruin.
- If we see a PALACE IN RUINS, means that there is a danger that our projects do not come to see made.

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- If in our dream we see a ruler, it means that it is likely that we will soon be observed and criticized.

It means an improvement in our relationships of friendship, work, family or love.

This dream tells us that there may be disputes or slander in our family, so we must be prepared to avoid it.
- Dreaming of a rumor IN WRITING, represents probable concerns due to a slander or a dispute.
- If we dream that we hear RUMORS ABOUT MONSTERS, it means that we are letting ourselves be carried away by evil, which can also cause someone to slander us.

Run, Running:
- If in a dream, we are running with others, and eventually beat them or run faster than them, signifies success in our projects or good fortune in the economic, if not win, it means that we must do more in real life for success.

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Run aground:
It tells us that we have difficulties, to change our life, so it will require more effort and firm conviction to do so. It may also mean that we have made a mistake or negligence in a case, and advised us to be more careful next time.

Run over:
The run overs in dreams, most often related to an injustice, so let's hit who represents the victim of injustice.
- If we dream that one of our family members tells us that someone run over our son, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc., tells us that if we act wisely, someone can hurt one of our family.
- If in our dream we run over a murder, means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing with our affairs, yet, we are told that there is a risk that commit excess in the time we do something to prevent that from continuing; in this case the dream advice, try not to overdo it too.
But if in the dream, and we see how flowing black blood to the murderer, means that there is a risk of a disaster to happen because of us, in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we be very careful in the way we do.

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If in our dream we see an amulet with rune signs, it means that we will have good fortune.

This sign is related to money difficulties caused by someone who looks like a foreigner or something that has to do with foreigners, unless we live in a country where the official currency is the rupee, since then, it simply means money difficulties.

To dream of a rush, it means that if we made a promise, it is important that we meet, also tells us that if we started a project or purpose, it is important to be consistent, and make every effort to achieve reach.

- To dream that we hurry not to be late, it means that we're running out of time to do something important.

- If we dream of a place or something, very rustic, it predicts bad luck in our projects.
- If we dream that we have the option to choose between something modern and something rustic, and we choose rustic, it means bad luck in our projects due to a bad choice or our lack of courage to do things. But if we choose the modern, then it means good luck in our projects because we choose well and are determined to achieve success.

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- To dream of rusty things means bad luck.

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