In most cases this is a bad sign and sometimes speaks of feelings and circumstances experienced we produce melancholy.

- If in our dream we see an ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA (of any culture as seen today), it means that major changes in our life approach, which can be good or bad, but in any case is a warning to be prepared.

- Dreaming a RUINED CHURCH, tells us that soon attend a funeral.

- To dream that workers DEMOLISHED AN OLD AND RUINED CHURCH, tells us that we are saved from danger.

- If in our dream we see the HOUSE WE LIVE IN RUINS mean financial ruin.

- If we see a PALACE IN RUINS, means that there is a danger that our projects do not come to see made.

- If this is a MONUMENT, STATUE, TEMPLE or AN ANCIENT CITY THAT APPEARS ON DREAMS IN PERFECT CONDITION, portends immortality for our ideas or our works.

- If we have more than one PROPERTY OR HOUSE, and in the dream we see one of them (the one with legal problems or something similar, but other than that we inhabit) COMPLETELY DEMOLISHED means that we will recover it soon.

- See a RUINED TOWER, means loss of our defenses, virility, strength, and ability.

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