In this case, the first thing we must do is see the reason why we run, either as an exercise, to flee from danger, in a race, or if we simply run without knowing why, and then look for the more specific meaning.

- If we dream that we RUN AS AN EXERCISE, it means that we can have a long life, as long as we exercise and lead a healthy life.

- If in our dream WE RUN TO FLEE FROM SOMETHING, it means the following:

  • If in our dream we see ourselves FLEEING FROM SOMETHING, it means that we get rid of a danger, here the meaning of that, from which we are fleeing, can give us more information about the danger we are getting rid of, for example: If we see ourselves fleeing from a white dog (a white dog symbolizes marriage), means that we have gotten rid of a marriage that did not suit us.
  • If in the dream we FLEE AND IT IS NIGHT, OR EVENING WHILE WE FLEE, it means: Sometimes to avoid a danger it is necessary both the light side and the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm even though it seems that we are being mean, for example, when someone scolds (non-violently) your child because he did something bad, he may even feel bad about it, but it is necessary.
  • If we dream that we TRY TO FLEE, BUT WE CANNOT RUN, it means that we need the help of others to get out of a problem or a difficulty.
  • If in our dream we see SOMEONE WHOM WE KNOW RUN AWAY, then we must apply the meaning to that person, (the previous ones) for example: If we see someone we know run away from something, it means that person will get rid of a danger. Unless whoever we see running away is one of our brothers/sisters, since in that case the meaning applies to ourselves, since seeing our brothers in dreams is a reflection of ourselves.
  • If in our dream we see ourselves running away from something, but when doing so we run as if we were doing it VERY SLOW or in slow motion, it means that we are being hesitant or insecure in some matter, which makes it difficult for us to progress. It can also mean the following: Running away from something means getting rid of a difficulty, but if we do it too slowly, it means that we are not doing enough to escape the difficulty.

- If in our dream we see ourselves in a FOOT RACE, it indicates an evolution in our situation.

- If WE SEE SEVERAL PEOPLE RUNNING, it is a warning that there may be discussions and problems.

- If in the dream we only SEE SOMEONE ELSE RUN, it is a warning that unforeseen events will come.

- If in dreams, we see ourselves RUNNING TOGETHER WITH OTHER PEOPLE, and in the end we beat them or run faster than them, it means success in our projects, or good fortune economically; if we don't win, it means we need to try harder in real life to achieve success.

- If in the dream we see ourselves RUNNING ON A TREADMILL INSIDE A GYM, it means that if we exercise we will have a longer life and with fewer worries.

- If we see SEVERAL PEOPLE RUNNING CARRYING WEAPONS, the dream announces that there may be a forthcoming war, although it may also be only some minor riots, depending on the number of people we see in the dream.

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