To dream that you are on a roof is related to our ambitions and desires.

- If our DREAM IS DEPRESSING, it can be a throwback to our past, or a bad thing, depending on the meaning of the other things on our dream. But if it's nice, it means safety and protection.

- If we dream that we are on a roof, and we are FRIGHTENED by something, it means lack of confidence in ourselves.

- To dream that you GO TO THE ROOF, means and desire to excel kisses tells us it is very likely we will.

- If we GO TO THE ROOF WITH SOMEONE we know (Partner, friend, teammate, wife.....) Means that we share with that person the same ambitions and tells us we have a good chance of achieving them together. But if we dream that we climbed to the roof with someone I know, but after that, the person known, suddenly gets off the roof, while we were up, it means that soon no longer share or not share the same ambitions and desires, or which is likely, that person does not help us achieve our ambitions and desires.

- Sometimes it may mean that we are suffering from a disease in the head, so that WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ROOF, will happen to our head, and sometimes tell us that we may be suffering from a mental disorder.


- The ceiling is related to our ideals and principles.

This sign represents our Being, that is, as we are. The house also represents where we discussed with our conscience, and every part thereof associated with different subjects, so that means the external facade and the interior, within.
- The BATHROOM is the spiritual and physical cleansing (Also see: "Water" and "shower").
• If we are in the bathroom washing hands, means that we must rid ourselves of guilt that is unfounded.
• If we dream of a clean exaggerated, says we must free ourselves from something that may be objectionable or objectionable.
• If in our dream we are shaving in the bathroom, it means that you will probably soon be misled by family or friends.
• If in our dream we see droppings or defecating in the bathroom. It means good luck in the economy.
• If you see feces in the bathroom, but you feel fear or signs of sadism, means that our personality is deteriorating.
• If we are with diarrhea, it means that we should avoid wastage.
• If we dream that we urinate in the bathroom, it means that we will rise immediately from the bed to go to the bathroom.
- The BEDROOM: representing the sex and the couple (See also: Bed).
- If in our dream we are afraid to enter our bedroom, it means fear of sex.
- To dream that our house BURNED DOWN, means that there is a serious danger on us.
- The CELLAR: the wishes and aspirations.
- The CLOSET: mean our possessions, if is full, thanks to the work means prosperity; it is empty, warns us of an embarrassing situation because of our lack of foresight; If it is a messy closet or content is poor quality, means that we update our knowledge, it is empty, it means that we lack knowledge to meet a difficult situation if filled with good quality linen, portends sickness or accidents, but if the clothing is colored, it means we'll have good fortune with our knowledge.
- CORRIDOR: If you are clear and pleasant promises success in our projects. But if it is dark and unpleasant, means trouble achieving the expected results.
- The CUPBOARD: Predicts success in our career and good fortune.
- The DINING ROOM is family relations (Also see: Table).
- DOORS: are shortcuts and possibilities.
- Dreaming of an EMPTY HOUSE, means loneliness.
- The FLOOR and ceiling: They relate to our ideals and principles.
• If we are using the garage, means we are going through a transition between two forms of life.
• If in the dream we left him in our car, warns us that we have good possibilities for the future.
• If we are going on, it means that we will go through a time of reflection on our future.
• If we are trying to get out of it, but something is not prevented, it means that something is an obstacle in our life to achieve to aspire to something better.
- The KITCHEN: it represents everything about our food, or with our media, so if this well-stocked means that we have the means to cope with a situation, but if this ill provided, then it means we do not have the means sufficient to cope.
- The LIVINGROOM: represent our current situation, in this case is important to pay attention to what we see in the room, because it relates to our situation (see also: armchair).
- If we dream that someone is MERODE OUR HOUSE means the same as above.
- If we dream in our house STEALING in our house stealing, means that we are afraid that someone will steal something important.
- If you dream that VISITED OUR HOUSE, we should consult Visitors or acquaintances, as appropriate, but if we visit a friend, brother, cousin, uncle, et cetera., then we must seek the specific meaning.
- The YARD HOUSE, if we are in, means we are being frank about a certain situation. And if we dream of a yard-house door or overlooking a courtyard and is open, means that the state of our mind is receptive, but if the door is closed, you do not allow us to participate in a certain situation.
If it is a mansion to see: "Mansion".

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