- If we dream that we are going on a train, but then it stops because there is a BLOCK ON THE RAILS, it means that we have to face an obstacle, at the same time the dream tells us that we must face it safely and decisively to overcome it.

- To dream that we cross the tracks of a train, and there we see the dead FETUS of a black dog, means that a family member or friend who left this world recently, has not been able to reach Heaven because, when he was in this world did many bad deeds or was an atheist.

- If we dream that we are on the train tracks, and suddenly we see that a TRAIN APPROXIMATES quickly, then, to save us, we jump or move to the other track, but then we realize that on the other side a train also comes, so we take off immediately and save or wake up before being overwhelmed; It means that if we do not move away from dangerous situations, rivalries, doubtful businesses, light loves, etc., we can find ourselves in a very delicate situation from which we will not be able to escape or it will be very difficult to escape. The same means if instead of being roads, it is a two-way street and instead of saving us from being run over by trains, we are saved from being run over by cars.

- If we dream that we are in a train station and observe TWO WAYS, that is, that of the trains that come and those that go, it represents good and evil. Which tells us that sometimes we must be firm in our determinations even though others think we are being bad.

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