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Many believe that witchcraft attack and psychic attack are different things, so they associate psychic attacks, to telepathy, while witchcraft attacks attributed to the spiritual attacks, but the fact is that witchcraft can be used both, and although the witchcraft in most cases it is superstition (Superstition is when some people know very little about a topic and some people to assume that they know a lot, mix their poor knowledge of a topic with things imaginary or invented by them) uses anything to achieve their ends from pheromones, invocations, sign up telepathy.

As for witchcraft, although many people think they are things invented and although most of the time, the most that happens is that it hurts the head and can be countered simply with having a strong character, there are some exceptions that can even reaching a problem of possession.
Now, what we want to know is how to counteract psychic attacks and attacks of witchcraft, and for this we must know some basic things, so we must keep in mind the four most common methods that are used witchcraft are: A Chemistry substance, telepathy, the invocation of a demon and the manipulation of a soul in pain.

Chemistry substance:

It is very likely that we have heard talk about coconut water, toloache, etc., and is that there are occasions, for example, when a woman wants to prevent her boyfriend or her husband from abandoning her, and resort to some chemical substance to influence In the decision of his partner, as is the coconut water that is actually water impregnated with pheromones, which produce attraction towards the person, that works at the biological level. The point is that this is an example, but to counteract these types of techniques, the ideal is to be careful about what we eat, and is that if a person not quite reliable gives us something to eat, it is better not to consume those foods , Since we would be risking our will and even our health, because we have heard of cases of people who even ended up in a psychiatric hospital (In these cases, a doctor is the one who can most illustrate us about such things).

Negative telepathy or psychic attack:

Just as there is positive telepathy, through which two people can communicate by thought, by telepathic waves. There is also a negative telepathy, which is something like the misuse that some people do telepathy, to cause harm to another, for example, if someone says bad words with the intention of offending, usually bother us, then, when someone uses telepathy, but instead of trying to communicate with us, try to curse us, it happens that, although not hear, we feel bad and sometimes ears are ringing us, but that's not the only case, since there who use the properties of certain compounds to increase their telepathic waves, even these techniques combine the reach with the invocation of evil beings, and this can lead to from a disease to an accident by a kind of suggestion transmitted telepathically.

Although it is possible to mention that a person who does witchcraft generally does not know of telepathy but they carry out certain formulas that provoke a similar effect. In this case the best protection is the objects of silver, such as: Coins, earrings, silver amulets, and so on, since that metal can absorb the telepathic waves neutralizing the attack.

The manipulation of a soul in pain:

Souls in grief or pesky spirit, is the soul of a person who left this world before time and therefore is trapped between two astral planes, such as a person who was killed (Especially if it was a malignant person ), someone who died in an accident and people who commit suicide, mainly. The point is that there are people who use fragments of bones and other things that we prefer not to mention for obvious reasons, the fact is that through certain rituals they confuse the soul and feed it with energy so that it damages a certain person.
The point is that the easiest way to counteract these things is to find the witchcraft burial or the object that is binding to that pesky spirit, so that by burning the infested object, the soul is free and often attacks the person who was manipulating him.
However there are times when the buried object has been placed in a place that we can not enter or in a very distant place, which in appearance would make things more difficult, but it is not. In these cases what we must do is to release that soul in some way and the ideal is to burn an incense stick with the aroma of cedar, wood, sandalwood or a scent related to some type of tree, and we say the following pray to help us That the corresponding angel, is responsible for releasing and take that soul in pain to where it corresponds:

"Oh God / allow the Coyolnahual / free to that poor soul in pain,
That everything returns / to normality / and that God / imparts justice.
That I promise you / be faithful / and make your fasts / "

(The Coyolnahual is the angel who among his functions is to take the souls lost to Heaven or to his next reincarnation, as the case may be, although it may be known under a different name depending on language and religion).

The invocation of a demon, How to fight it:

Demons are, to put it somehow, the souls of certain evil people who during their life did evil but who for some reason had many followers and when those people left this world their followers deified them, and are invoked in certain Rites of witchcraft, where they offer certain offerings in exchange for harming a certain person.
In this case it is important to keep it well clean our areas of work, bedroom and other places we occupy to work or live, because that would prevent evil spirits from hiding there, as well as having a good psychic weapon to ward off any bad influence, such as a Swiss knife, a sword in the walls, mirrors... (In these cases the mirrors that usually capture invading spirits and sharps that attract and injure them, are the two ideal weapons to keep away any invader who has not been invited to pass).

In difficult cases we also have to clean our body well and salt water is a very useful tool not only in exorcisms but also to clean infested areas, even to bathe in such cases. (You can also use water mixed with a little Alcohol, even hydrogen peroxide is also useful provided it is used with its proper precautions) and the most important thing is to pray, in this case we advise the following pray:


(Racna means:
The Creator Spirit,
who transmits the order
and motion to the universe).

Oh Racna;

You created all that exists,
You give movement;

As the atoms
that the planets;

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

since the order
it is no coincidence;

I can well understand
in Truth
That you, Racna
you are God
The dispenser of life;

The Great Spirit,
God, Allah,
The Law of Karma,
all are you,

And so,
I promise to be Faithful;

So be welcome
on your Divine kingdom.


Oh grandparents (must be someone who has already left this world but who we have loved much, when he (she) lived here, can also be a kind of angels with whom we identify)
Oh my guardian angel
My loyal company
my staunch ally;

Oh God
allows always listen
my guardian angel
and his words
inspire me
good things
because without them
I do not know what to do;

for that I thank you, Racna(God)
for that I thank you, God.

Finally we will mention the characteristics of the psychic elements, since this information can help us control psychic attacks and witchcraft:

The psychic elements.

We will call psychic elements those elements and substances that have some effect on hostile spirits and psychic attacks, and are:

CRYSTALLMETALS: We call that way substances that are formed by a metal and another element, such as salt (NaCl) formed by molecules of chlorine and sodium (Sodium is a metal); The glass that is formed mainly by oxygen and silicon (Silicon is a metalloid). This type of psychic elements have the property of attracting the ectoplasm or of catching it, depending on how it is used, for example: Water with salt is frequently used in exorcisms, since the ectoplasm can easily be trapped in it.

ECTOPLASM: It is the substance used by pesky spirits to be able to manifest or cause any kind of damage in this astral plane, it is usually the energy that occurs when someone dies in a traumatic way or the energy that the witch gives to a pesky spirit during a ritual.

ELECTRICITY: It has effects on the ectoplasm, so that it usually causes a kind of cramp to the pesky spirits.

FIRE: It has the property of breaking with the effects caused by an evil ritual, for example, when an infested object is burned, its effects are completely destroyed.

FLUIDS: They are all liquid, which can help increase telepathy or communication with a spirit. Sometimes they are used in some rituals (Waters and oils), but lose their effects when completely dried or cleaned.

LIGHT: It usually dissolves the ectoplasm. A very common way to use it is to leave a small lamp on during the night, which can be a good protection against spiritual attacks.

MATERIALS OF ORGANIC ORIGIN: They have the power to attract, for example: The fragments of a deceased person, whose soul is in pain, are usually used in rituals, but their effect is broken by burning them.

METALS AND METALOIDS: They have the property of attracting ectoplasm, depending on how they are used. One of the ways to use it is in sharp objects, such as scissors and sharpened knives, since the metal attracts the pesky spirit and the blade damages it, so that the hostile spirit moves away immediately and avoids returning.

PRECIOUS METALS: This type of metals (Gold, silver and platinum), have the power to block telepathic waves, thus protecting us from psychic attacks carried out by means of negative telepathy, (Its effect is similar to that of the Lead by blocking radiation).