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Witchcraft is a practice that some people with the intention of hurting or harming others, and they do it by invocations to the Beings that inhabit subworlds and evil gods, witchcraft are using all sorts of techniques to achieve its purposes, even combined with cunning invocations, such as using pheromones, drugs, suggestion, negative telepathy... Many people think that witchcraft does not exist, and although most are charlatans who claim to practice it, the truth is that is so real and the impact it could have a drug or as real as the exorcisms carried out by members of the Church , so it is important not to rely too much, because in this world there is a constant struggle between good and evil, witchcraft and the worst we see this in the Masonic lodges, in governments, courts, and even mixed with subliminal language in the advertising.

Here is a picture of a manual of exorcism.

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