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Medicine, Psychic.

Psychic medicine is the ability to heal with the hands, is to move the palms on the sick.
Usually it is much easier to treat a pet that a person, because pets do not have many enemies, and often lower their ills.
Achieving this technique is not easy, and it takes time and patience to gain this ability, plus a little Divine help, which can only be achieved with the study of the Divine doctrines.
The most common technique is performed by a priest and a priestess, (In the chapter on the doctrine that speaks of the priesthood, says we can become a priest or a priestess of the religion of Truth ) who must pass the palm of his right hand on the affected part, the technique described here in steps:

a) First you put who we are going to heal, a bit of perfume or lotion, preferably aroma of wood, such as cedar.

b) Then, both the priest and the priestess, must place the palm of his right hand about one inch above the part affected, for example if you have a headache, put both your palms just above the head by some minutes.

c) At the moment we have the palms on the part say
"From the four directions of the universe, all due to God who created everything and ordered in 4 and 5, because there is no greater power than that of God."

d) You can also, holding a silver coin, just a little to close the palm so it does not fall, so the priest and hold one another priestess and place their palms on the right 1 inch affected in equal numbers as described above.

e) It is important that the patient accept the help and explain that it comes from God, the spirit that created everything that exists and is known in all good religions through different names such as: Allah, God, Great Spirit, Brahma , Racna, etc...

f) It is also important that the patient make the following prayer at dawn during the following days.

Oh Racna (God)/ Oh God/ you who give movement/ and give life,/ to all that exists
to see you/ just look/ the order is in/ all things;
I ask/ I pray/ you restore peace/ and prosperity
Oh God/ Oh Racna/ Let my guardian angels/ inspire me/ good things
I ask you let/ that Quetzalcoatl/ grant us wisdom/ and prosperity/ and Bastet keep us/ always safe/ and grant us/ joy and happiness
They both help me/ to reach you/ and keep us from all/ pest and disease
I promise to be/ Loyal and faithful
Because only you/ are God no matter/ call you Brahma,/ Great Spirit, Allah or Racna/ because all are you,
Because you are Omnipresent,/ because you are Universal.

g) This technique can be repeated each time the patient feels bad, until the damage disappears. The cure can be given from immediately after a few months depending on the circumstances.

by letter.

h) As to whether the patient has had normal before treatment, or who has at the same time, is not bad, on the contrary, this is good. Because that is what is called double magic.

i) In addition to this treatment is good, the patient begins to use a talisman for health, for children, can use such as amber bracelets, and adults of silver.

Names and Dates.

Nowadays it is very common for there to be people who resort to some type of ritual to harm someone else, either by manipulating a soul in pain or invoking a demon, but for these spirits to find their victim, they need some information, as is the full name of the person and a date, since spirits see in the fourth dimension, that is, they need a date. The fact is that many politicians use pseudonyms, to confuse evil spirits, and sometimes they change their names, And it is that those spirits listen when someone pronounces our name or they see documents that may be in view, looking for names and dates that can identify the person they are looking for, hence when we are in a difficult battle, we can use pseudonyms and avoid, where possible, clocks and calendars. Although there are also other methods to confuse evil spirits, such as wearing underwear backwards, which although some people might think it is superstition, in practice it does work, because like us we could be confused with camouflaged objects , spirits can also be confused, but for other things, as we have already said.

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