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Communication with the Good Spirits:
There are several ways to communicate with the good spirits, being the most common through our dreams, because through them we can receive messages from the angels and sometimes even talk to them.

But there are also other techniques such as astral telepathy, which consists in speaking with the Good Spirits directly through our mind, so that we can listen to what they tell us and even converse with them. But it is a technique that requires a series of precautions and protections, because it is very common for one spirit to pretend to be another, and if the instruccions are not followed accurately we can develop a problem of possession, so that for those who want to use this technique it is important that they do not omit anything.

First we must mention that many people confuse astral telepathy with schizophrenia, since in schizophrenia it is common for the person to hear in his mind the words of someone who insults him or advises him to do evil things, which becomes a dysfunction of the subconscious mind On the other hand in astral telepathy the voice of an angel is heard, but it is not a hostile language, but advice or a way of conversation, which we can verify, when they tell us things of the future or useful advice. Clarified the above, we will begin with the precautions that should be taken before trying this technique:

A). You need a room that should be on the top floor of the house or building, which must be perfectly clean and empty to begin to adapt it.

B). We must bear in mind that, since there are many spirits that try to pretend to be the soul of the one we are looking for, we should try to communicate only with very strong spirits or archangels (Normally God communicates with us through the Good Spirits), such as: Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, Queen Mab, Bast, Cihuacoatl. As for saints, it is complicated because there is a lot of syncretism (A mixture of beliefs and of different characters that the primitive Church combined at the time), which can often cause problems. In the case of family members who are no longer in this world, it is not convenient either (In those cases it is better to try to contact them in dreams), because as they are not strong enough spirits, we would run the risk of an evil spirit pretending to be them.

C). In the room we must have pictures of our guardian angels (Relatives who are no longer with us in this world), a glass with clean water, which must be changed regularly, psychic protections on the door, ceiling, floor and walls (Psychic weapons or symbols, either a knife with a symbol on the handle or a sign painted on each part, but at the same time there should be no mirrors).

Protections: A cross formed by five points, since it represents God and communication with God (In these cases it is important not to replace it with any other type of cross); A figure of the goddess Bast, since she is the essential psychic protector in this case (The Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat); the room should be painted in a light color, preferably light green and blue; It is also important to do the technique during the day, with the windows closed but with the curtains open; a comfortable chair or armchair; have electronic devices such as cell phones, computer ... it's good, since evil spirits canīt stand it, but at the same time, you do not have to have televisions or radios on, since distractions are an obstacle, in fact, the ideal is that silence and that nobody is interrupting us.

D). Begin by saying a prayer (Note, the ideal is to make the prayers that we show in the following link, since the common prayers tend to have too much syncretism See Prayers >> ), then we see the image or sign of the Good Spirit, while we try to talk to our mind, thinking "Good Spirits, I need your help, please", then we say it mentally, for example: If it's Bast: Oh Bast help me with this problem or help me interpret this dream. Starting with something simple that in part we will think about what the answer may be, but at the same time we let the goddess guide our thoughts, so if we ask that if we can trust such a person, at the same time we think what we think but letting the goddess move our thinking. At first it will seem that it is something of our subconscious and we will think that they are our own thoughts but in reality it is the goddess or the Good Spirit that leads us to think about that. As we practice the technique more and more, we will begin to hear the voice of the Good Spirit in our mind, we can also help ourselves by burning a stick of incense, lighting a candle, fasting, and concentrating.

Note: A large number of images, figures, incense, fasting, etc., may seem like a method of suggestion, however, suggestion is important to reach the extreme states of mind, which are those that link our mind with the Good Spirits, that is, although at the beginning it may seem to be something of our mind and even be confused with schizophrenia, we will realize that it is real, when the Good Spirits speak to us about things that have not happened yet, and when our situation begins to improve noticeably (For there is a very thin line that divides the things of the subconscious from the things of the soul, but once we have arrived, there will be no doubt about their existence and effectiveness).

Cosmic Plane:
The plans are the four cosmic directions of the universe, which are: Heaven, Earth (These universe), the Subworlds, and Limbo. And a travel or cosmic astral travel, for example, when our dream trip to one of those places.

It is the substance used by pesky spirits to be able to manifest or cause any kind of damage in this astral plane, it is usually the residual energy that occurs when someone dies in a traumatic way or the energy that the witch gives to a pesky spirit during a ritual.

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Electricity and pesky spirits.
It happens that when a pesky spirit comes into contact with this world, being lower astral spirits, are often affected by certain things, between them, the electricity, because it causes to them a kind of cramps that can be very unpleasant for them, hence when there is strong paranormal activity of that type is common for devices that work to electricity it decompose, even cars can have constant problems with the battery and electronic parts, hence cleaning is important, because that disturbs them and prevents pesky spirits that may be there. The fact is, that if the same electrical appliance breaks us repeatedly is because there is the influence of an evil spirit, and it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and to get some protection in order to prevent any further decomposed.

Evolution of the Species:
The evolution of species, are the changes that have suffered human and animals through time. For example, the tooth-tigers have evolved into tigers, even the people who lived for many years was a little different from people today. Although even today there are so extremist christian sects who deny that the cavemen have existed. On the other hand, religion must not be against evolution. For example, the Popol wuh (the sacred book of the Mayas) said the world was created in several attempts.

Here we see two ancestors of birds, and show us how this species has evolved, even today, if you look carefully at the feet of chickens, we can see that they have skin like the scales of reptiles, as precisely decide them. Which is similar to what happens when the tadpoles turn into frogs, just that the whole evolution is much slower.

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