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Ectoplasm is basically the vital energy of living beings, but it is also the means that some spirits use to act in this world, such as when someone dies young (before time) and in traumatic circumstances, then, although the body has died , there is still residual energy, which is what usually generates ghosts and some paranormal events.

But even in the case of a demon, in order for it to influence this plane in any way, it necessarily requires someone to invoke it and ectoplasm. So, for example, in possession problems, generally the victim was invoking an evil spirit and that was lodged in his perispirit.

In these cases, bathing with salt water can detach the evil spirit, although in cases of possession, other things are also needed, for example, if the victim used an evil amulet, it will be necessary to burn it so that the evil entity does not return.

Another case is when someone dishonest invokes a demon, to harm someone, the issue is that the evil spirit not only needs to open the door, that is, to invoke it, but also, the energy provided by a witch through a ritual, of which we do not give more details, for obvious reasons, but what is very important to know is that, for an evil spirit to be able to go from one place to another in this world, it needs to a current of air, but if there is no such, then it will try to adhere to the perispirit of a flying creature (since the perispirit is made up of vital energy), such as a moth or a blowfly.

Although we must bear in mind that this does not in any way mean that all dark-colored flying insects carry an evil spirit with them, but if in a place we feel that there is bad energy, in addition to an unpleasant insect, that no matter how hard we try to To drive it away, it insists by all means on being inside the house, it is because it is being used by an evil spirit and there is nothing left but to kill the insect to force the demon to leave this astral plane.