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Silver cord.
During our life in this world, the soul remains united to the body by magic, specifically the blood magic, because that makes the soul remains attached to the body and be able to control it, is the metal that flows steadily through the blood, because blood contains iron, even if the smell, we can realize that the smell is equal to the iron oxide, for that reason is that metals are so used in the manufacture of talismans, because although the metal As with constantly flowing blood, the iron for his special psychic properties, helps the angels to be able to stay close to us.

In this picture we can see the red corpuscles whose characteristic color is caused by hemoglobin, in which we can find a certain amount of iron.

But in addition to blood magic when we sleep especially when we dream, the soul can be moved from the body, but without losing contact with it, as there is something that is called silver cord, which is a kind of thread made of psychic energy, for So while the soul travels to another cosmic direction, while the body is asleep, stays together through this thread, and only when blood stops flowing through the body, is when break the thread, because even when the soul is in another cosmic direction (The cosmic directions are: Heaven, Underworld, Limbo, and This World) the thread always remains attached to the subtle vital energy that surrounds the blood flowing through our body.

We also mention the case of mediums, where it is a type of trance similar to sleep, in which the soul of the medium leaves the body, but remains suspended through the silver cord, while the soul of the invited spirit is it adheres to the perispirit and can take partial possession of the body for a few minutes, since the body itself does not allow such possession for long periods. But we must also consider that communication can vary, since sometimes the ideas of the spirit are mixed with those of the mind of the medium, so that a good message will depend on the training and practice of the medium.

by letter.


It is the essence of all Beings, the soul was created by God and is immortal.

Soul Memory and Past Lives:

Normally come into this world several times before reaching the merits sufficient to reach Heaven.

As in who reincarnate, we usually do in our descendants, even those who are completely atheistic, ie they have no spiritual belief, reincarnated as pets, and the reason I do not remember anything, is because our memory is blocked by this world, but some feelings and tastes can get to survive, and when we meet someone and it seems as if we had known this person for a long tiempo.Y but can not remember anything clearly, there are always some exceptions, for example: When we dream and our soul travels to another cosmic direction, something different happens. The fact is that while our soul travels when we are sleeping, stay connected through the Silver cord, and our experiences are etched in our mind, and then etched in our brain, (First in our subconscious mind, and then in our minds aware, of what at first memory is weak, and that is why sometimes, when we breathe deeply, or stretch our arms or on waking, the memory quickly fades, are cases where it takes a few minutes so that the dream is firmly etched in our brain) and in most cases are not etched as they did, because they come to our minds coded, or on signs, and that's what we remember from our dreams even some people when they die, they do not realize and think still here, but this is because even still too tied to this world, if only in spirit, so that they can not remember their past lives, but until they can get to Heaven.

When our dream we see a river with beautiful waterfalls where we find a relative or friend who left this world and give we a kiss, hug, hold hands, talk to us... It means that through our dreams have visited our loved one who is already in Heaven.

As lucid dreams (Dreams that we can control and remember clearly), through them, in some cases, we can travel to another cosmic direction and talk to those who have left, but what happens is that messages travel faster through the silver cord, as if we were in two places at once, so that events in our memory are etched at the instant it happens, but our conversations are about our present life, so that even in a lucid dream can not remember past lives, than a short episode that angels help us remember some purpose (such as a exception case).


Telekinesis can work in two ways, on the one hand, there are times when the body becomes charged in a similar way to a battery, such as when we spend a lot of time in the sun and when entering a building and touching a metal railing, sparks come out Under the same principle it is possible to move small objects made of metal or influence an electronic device.
On the other hand, with the help of angels, who can move through the wind, it is possible to influence matter. It is known that ancient prophets ordered the angels to gather the clouds so that it rains, stop an earthquake, etc., and it is said that the Cherokee once managed to make it rain through a dance that invoked the spirits of the ancestors.
It has also been observed that during poltergeist phenomena, objects move without anyone touching them, although in reality it is due to the presence of evil spirits or banshees that use the energy that they have stolen from many people, or residual energy. that occurred during his death (although a certain amount of spirits is necessary for an important phenomenon to be seen). The truth is that, in order for there to be telekinesis, it is necessary to have control of the vital energy, that there are currents of air and the help of the spirits.

Telepathic hallucination:

Sometimes we wake up and see people winged from our bed, the fact is that sometimes it can be a spirit, but sometimes it is a telepathic hallucination, this phenomenon usually lasts only a few seconds, and is caused because at that moment, certain person was carrying out a strong ritual accompanied by strong emotions of hatred, revenge, envy, etc., so that causes his telepathic waves project an image in our mind, causing us to see his own image on one side of us.


Telepathy is mainly how two people can communicate with the thought, two of the most common examples are. One when we look fixedly at this one person from behind, which happened shortly after, turn to where we are, feel as if our eyes. Two. Another very common case is when a mother feels that one of his sons is in danger, then it actually happens if your child was in danger. In this case it is a kind of presentiment, but in reality, it happens that the child unconsciously calling, and she hears in her mind, this occurs most frequently among people who are very close, as is common to see between identical twins.

Telepathy is possible because we have even gland in the brain, which works similarly to a radio or a radio station, and although the telepathic waves are different from radio waves, almost the same.

Also keep in mind that telepathy is a little developed sense, we can even compare it with someone who does not listen well, but can hear when someone shouts in your ear. In telepathy would be strong thoughts, as when someone is lost in a busy place and we think: "Full name if you do not hurry we go". What will worry him and we will soon find him; because it is as if we shouted at him and he looked for where the cries came from (Although, what happens is that he will feel the need to go to a certain place, which will be where we are).

Another common experiment, it can we do when a family leaves our shopping is done with the help of a glass full of water, which will be used as a kind of telepathic wave amplifier, so that should put us in front to glass, and see a photo of our family, ensuring that there is absolute silence, then with the thought of trying to call it. Soon it is likely to call, or at least feel the need to return home.
It is also worth mentioning the following, that although it requires more practice, it still works, it consists of being in a place where there is absolute silence, (Preferably in an empty room, without drafts) and staying there for a long time. Then if at that moment there is someone somewhere who loves us passionately or hates us intensely, whether at that moment she(he) is thinking about how much she(he) loves us or how much she(he) hates us, that is, that the feeling is very intense; We may very well listen to your thoughts. In this case, the ideal is to choose the time to rest, when others are not working nor studying.
Telepathy can be useful, though it must be developed through lots of practice and meditation. One way is, just before sleep, seeing in the mirror and direct our mind to use more of their ability (as they usually use the 8-15 percent of its total capacity), this exercise becomes gradually to achieve train our brain, but it requires patience and calm.

Above we see a machine manufactured by a research institute of parapsychology, through which it has managed to verify that telepathy exists. Since the end of 1800 (350... A. M.) was created the first psychological research institutes, mainly in the United States, Russia, France, Germany, et cetera, and although scientists have failed to understand fully how the telepathy, and to invent theories somewhat accurate, it would certainly have been able to actually prove that if possible the telepathic.

On the other hand, if we want faster results, it is a matter of taking advantage of our intense thoughts and feelings, for example: Love often generates strong feelings, such as when we are doing any activity, but suddenly we begin to think of an ex-girlfriend (ex-boyfriend) , so that the next minute she(he) calls us or sends us a WhatsApp message, which is a clear signal, to that person was thinking of us.

The point is that the thoughts that are accompanied by a strong feeling, are the most favorable to telepathy and if we respond at the same time with equally intense thoughts, the most likely thing is that the other person can hear us.

Note: When you have reached a high level, it is important to bear in mind that there may be some dangers, so that if we hear someone's voice, thinking that it is someone we know, we should not answer, unless we recognize their voice clearly.
Another case is that if someone is making us witchcraft at the time we try to do a telepathic exercise, we will most likely listen to what she(he) says, however, sometimes those thoughts can confuse us, since Some rituals are made to form in us a wrong idea of the person who performs the ritual. So we could come to think that the person loves us, when in fact she(he) only wants to confuse us or manipulate us, hence it is important to make a prayer before starting any exercise, such as the following: "Oh God, Oh Good Spirit, take care of my mind and my thoughts, so that my messages reach who I want, and that my enemies do not confuse me ". And if at some point an experiment goes out of control, it will be very useful to have at hand a cat amulet and a Swiss army knife, which we can rub to regain control of the situation.

Traumas and parasitic spirits.

There are times when something very bad happens, like when a girl suffers abuse by a relative, a kidnapping, a war... So the act of extreme evil opens the door to evil spirits who take advantage of the moment to torture To the victim, accentuating a trauma and even causing constant nightmares, so that their overwhelmed emotions allow the evil spirit to feed on their energy, as if was a parasite-psychic, because such spirits can only steal energy when someone has intense feelings of hatred or when they experience fear or anxiety. So the best weapon against these beings is courage and control our emotions, because that way they lose interest and they will find someone else who can feed them with their hatred and fear, among other things.

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