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Hypnosis is a way of influencing a person's behavior through the mastery of their mind, hypnosis is scientifically proven and there are several types.

Clinical hypnosis: It is the one that psychologists use to treat conditions of the mind, in it, the patient realizes that he is being hypnotized, and is effective in treating some addictions. On the negative side, some destructive sects have used it to treat addictions and thereby simulate a type of miracle, thereby gaining followers.

Advertising hypnosis: Mainly using subliminal language, as well as some mind games, it can influence when it comes to making quick decisions, such as choosing a product. However, if we inform ourselves and think well about our decisions, that type of hypnosis tends to lose effectiveness.

Psychic hypnosis: We can see it, especially in the negative aspect, when it uses negative telepathy to influence a person's decisions and even a little in their behavior. However, having character, in addition to a firm determination, tends to neutralize it.

Is anything that does not support, for example for a religion is true and not a sham, you should talk to God and that we are all his children, but can not ask us to believe unconditionally. Because then it would be impossible to know what is good and doctrines which are false. Nor can ask that we are against all other religions, because God is with all of their children without distinction, no matter the place or time, as it is timeless and omnipresent. At impostures also can call them superstitions and things that are lacking reason, and livelihood.

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