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Although usually cases of possession are rare, there are some slight cases of possessions that are much more common than believed, for example, when someone suffers from a disorder such as schizophrenia, split personality, homosexuality, constant nightmares, et cetera, and it happens that physicians are unable to achieve a cure. It is when we have a case of a lightly partial-possession .
In such cases we can use techniques similar to those used to treat partial possession, albeit with some minor differences, since in these cases it may also be caused by psychic attacks, even witchcraft.

To cure this kind of thing, we can take the following steps:

a) Start by cleaning the bedroom and the house, starting with remove any evil talismans that might exist, as pentacles, ouija boards, it is also advisable to remove things that affect the harmony of the site as pornographic magazines or communist propaganda.

b) The following is repainting the rooms with light colors, preferably in blues and greens.

c) The place sharp objects on top of the front door of the house, preferably outside and above the bedroom door, and psychic weapons that are very useful. (Psychic or magic weapons, are another type of amulets consisting of sharp weapons can be put on and take various forms. Are a kind of spiritual weapons, so that when we use it as if they were planning to in another cosmic plane in which our guardian angels use them to fight the enemy forces) here the ideal is to place ninjas stars with four peaks, preferably two, a metal color and black.
The color that is a metal and a black represent good and evil, ie harmony, as they represent the proper balance between these two forces.

Here is an example of this.

d) Sort everything in four and five, for example, that there are 5 pieces of furniture in a room, or four pictures in a room, in addition to painting a five-point cross above the head of the bed.

e) The following pray, which is used in exorcism procedures may also be useful, for example, to pray in the morning and afternoon, also you can burn some incense every time we say the prayer:


Oh Racna (God)
Oh God
you who give movement
and give life,
to all that exists

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

I ask
I pray
you restore peace
and prosperity

Oh God
Oh Racna
Let my guardian angels
inspire me
good things

I ask you let
that Quetzalcoatl
grant us wisdom
and prosperity
and Bastet keep us
always safe
and grant us
joy and happiness

They both help me
to reach you
and keep us from all
pest and disease

I promise to be
Loyal and faithful

Because only you
are God no matter
call you Brahma,
Great Spirit, Allah or Racna
because all are you,

Because you are Omnipresent,
because you are Universal.


I conjure
I will exorcise
in the name of God,
in the name of Racna
who has created everything that exist
and orderly in
two and five;

And by that sacred name
in this act
I break every bond
and command you leave here
spirit dirty and liar.

f) Another important point is to always carry with us a silver amulet, the ideal is a coin with the image of an eagle or a tiger, since silver will absorb the negative psychic waves, which can help block negative psychic waves are affecting us or that are causing the damage. The important thing here is to try to keep the silver clean, so they can continue to absorb the negative psychic waves and bad feelings, we can do with baking soda and lemon, or any other substances, to clean silver.

g) In addition to this we can use the talismans to help counteract the evil, the ideal is the sacred mirror, even in difficult days, we can light a red candle to one side of it, to increase its power.
To make it, we need a mirror of approximately four inches (twelve centimeters) in diameter/length, and circular in shape, the ideal is to use a makeup mirror like the one shown in the image, since at its base we can stick a small magnet , but also, as it has mirrors on both sides of the frame, we can write, both on the front and on the back (Which is very good, since with this we can counteract attacks from the front and also attacks treachery). The next thing is to get a blue indelible marker to write on the front and a red one for the back. The best markers are the ones used to mark the DVD's and which are made of a fine point; with it we write the following prayer in sacred writing, so that when we do so we form a spiral as shown in the image. The sentence is as follows: The prayer is:
"Oh Racna protect me from all evil. Oh Creator of the Universe grant me the favor of your children: Mab, Arthur, Bastet, and Quetzalcoatl. To turn away the enemy forces and return harmony to the universe. I promise to be faithful and follow the path of good. Because only you, are God." To write the phrase, you can see:

Sacred scripture>>

In the first image is an example of how you should go to form the spiral, and the second image should be seen as the amulet.

In this case, it is good to learn the sacred letters and their sounds, so we can read directly from the mirror (Preferably 5 times), when we start to feel bad.

h) Finally it should be borne in mind that first, the patient must accept the help of God beyond any belief, because God can take many forms, including: Law of Karma, Brahma, Allah, Racna, et cetera. The second thing is to get rid of fear, and say to ourselves that even though sometimes things are hard, we will not settle for it because we are free and are entitled to choose our destiny, so we are not willing to tolerate malignant spirits are bothering us, ie we must show character against difficult situations.

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