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Just as we have antibodies that protect us from microbes, we also have something against evil spirits, and it is mainly through respiration, because in addition to carrying O2 to the cells ... By inhaling oxygen and exhaling CO2, it is how our body catches to bad airs (bad energies), and then enclose them in a coal and expel them. But sometimes the body needs help, like when someone gives us something in the food and we drink water with activated charcoal to remove the bad energy from the stomach. Which is where they stay in those cases (where they find an empty space, generally in the ears and stomach; in this case the stomach, since it is something we ate).

Salt (NaCl) is also something our body uses to expel evil energies, although in this case, they are expelled through fluids such as urine and sweat.
Even in exorcisms, it is common for the possessed to be bathed with salt water, in order to expel the evil Being from the perispirit (Which are the cases that we call partial possession, since total possession is when the evil spirit has completely taken over the body of the victim, although that can only happen, when the heart stops for a certain time, and then it is revived, since otherwise it would be impossible for the invading spirit to take full possession of the body).

Which should not seem strange to us, since the body is a vehicle that was designed for a soul to inhabit it, but at the same time, it has means of defense to protect us from parasitic spirits that steal energy.