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A pesky spirit is a soul in pain, a soul that has not been able to completely leave this astral plane, for example, the soul of a person who committed suicide or was killed in some way, and although in normal conditions they rarely represent any danger; sometimes they are manipulated and fed with energy in witchcraft rituals to harm someone. Among its main characteristics we can mention the following: They are bothered by light, heat; electricity (Especially that which comes from devices such as radios and cell phones); Sharp objects such as sharp knives, scissors, etc. The mirrors; they also dislike cleanliness.
On the other hand, the things that give them strength is the cold and darkness; the anger, hatred, fear and anxiety of the people, since for them it is energy; besides dirt, because that's where they can hide.

As for the paranormal phenomenon of ghosts, we must bear in mind that a person is formed by three parts, which are: His organic body, a perispirit that is formed by a type of energy, and the soul. The fact is that when someone is already very old, their vital energy contained in their perispirit is exhausted until it is completely finished, so that when their body no longer has enough vitality it stops pumping blood, thus the soul of the person ends up detaching himself from his organic body. But when someone dies being young and especially in traumatic circumstances, it happens that, although his soul is released from his body to stop flowing blood for him, still retains its perispirit and much residual energy (Also called ectoplasm) and is that energy the one that produces the paranormal phenomena of ghosts.

In these cases, ghosts usually appear on some occasions, until the phenomenon disappears completely, unless it becomes a famous ghost and is fueled by the fear of people, in which case such phenomena may recur during long time, although only in special circumstances.