The bags are related to the ups and downs in our life.

- To dream of a bag full of BLOOD means that we can succeed, but only if we are steadfast in our goals.

- To dream of a bag containing BREAD tells us that we have the situation under control and that everything will be fine, especially if the bread is freshly prepared. But if we take the bread from the bag and threw it in the trash, it means that our unconscious way of acting can cause us to lose control of the situation and everything goes wrong.

- If we dream that someone left in our CAR A BLACK PLASTIC BAG containing something with a bad meaning, tells us that there is a person who is ill will and planning to harm us in any way.

- If it CONTAINS IS NOT COMMON or logic tells us that we may have difficulties soon. In this case we can help find the meaning of the things we see in the bag, since the difficulties we may come to have, is related to it.

- If it CONTAINS IS COMMON , then it means that we have the situation under control.

- If you dream of a DOG INSIDE A PLASTIC BAG, it means that if we are not sufficiently loyal to those who trust us, soon we may have problems.

- If in the dream we see a PACKAGE OR BAG WITH FLOUR is a guarantee that we will have the most indispensable.

Show all dream meanings about package or bag with Fluor.

- If we dream about a bag full of HOT WATER tells us that it may soon have to suffer because of a divorce or separation.

- If in the dream we see our MOM with bags and then we noticed that our dad checked bags, means that he is watching or taking care not to do anything wrong.
If in addition to the above, we do not remember what he had or brought nothing unusual, means that our mom has the situation under control, but if it happens that the bags had something weird or unusual, it means that she doesn't has controlled the situation and may come to be trouble.

-If you see bags full of PAPER MONEY means it's very likely that soon we get to have money difficulties.

- If in the dream we see a bag that has a NUMBER SIX and we eat what we bring in, means that we fell into a trap, or we're about to fall into a trap soon.

- To dream of a bag full of URINE tells us that we are sensitive issues to deal with prudence.

- If in the dream we see a bag with something inside (which usually can be put into a bag) and then we TAKE OUT SOMETHING THAT BAG, means we will soon lose control of the situation in a matter that relates to the meaning of the thing we take out of the bag.

- Dreaming we took the TRASH OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE IN BLACK BAGS, means there are bad feelings against us, but we have the situation under control so we are not affected, since we are taking out of our house, which is equivalent to taking the bad out of our Being


Hand bag:
- If full symbolizes that we kept secrets.
- If empty indicates that the person owns is incapable of keeping a secret.
- Lose the hand bag, means that someone knows our secrets.
- If someone steals it, means it's very likely that someone will find out what we do not want to use force.
- Dreaming with a hand bag of wood, which is full, means we will have good luck because we have some well-kept secrets.

The things we see in our pockets (as long as it is not paper money), represent something that succeed get insurance and is related to the meaning of the thing we see in them.
- If we see our pocket full of BILLS, means that we have a problem to cause expenses.
- Dreaming that we FILL OUR POCKETS OF BILLS, means it is very likely that we will soon have financial difficulties because of something we are not doing well.

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