The things we see in our pockets (as long as it is not paper money), represent something that succeed get insurance and is related to the meaning of the thing we see in them.

- If we see our pocket full of BILLS, means that we have a problem to cause expenses.

- Dreaming that we FILL OUR POCKETS OF BILLS, means it is very likely that we will soon have financial difficulties because of something we are not doing well.

- Dreaming we THOUGHT WE DID NOT BRING BILLS , but to put our hand in our pocket, we realize that if we bring bills-money, means approaching money difficulties.

- If in our dream, our pocket is BROKEN, it means loss of money.

- If we dream that we have COINS in our pockets, especially if they are golden, we are told that we have a promising future.

- If in our dream we see our pockets EMPTY, means good luck in money matters.

- If we dream that SOMEONE TAKE OUT US SOMETHING FROM OUR POCKET, means that we may lose something we had insurance. In this case the dream we advised to check for errors, as there is something that we are not doing all that well.

- If this dream WHEN WE THOUGT WE HAVE A PROBLEM WAS OVER, that means the problem reappears again.

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