This sign can have multiple interpretations depending on the context of the dream, for example, somebody back we mean that person is not supporting us, either because it is not really our friend or because they are angry with us for any reason; but if we dream that someone attacks us in the back represents someone who is betraying us somehow.

- If we dream that we are in the BED together with our partner and someone else, and we also notice that our partner is on her(his) back, it means that our partner is angry because she(he) knows or thinks we are cheating to someone else.

- If in the dream we see the mother of our girlfriend(boyfriend), and we notice that she is wearing a BLACK DRESS with her back uncovered, it means that we do not like her.

- If we dream that we have BRUISES on our backs, it means that we feel hurt because someone betrayed us.

- If a man sees a CAT BACK in his bed, it means that his girlfriend, friend or the girl he likes is angry with him or could get angry with him for some reason (If the cat is white it refers to a girl from white skin; if it is black to a brunette; if it is yellow to a blonde).

- If in our dream someone makes us a CUT IN THE BACK with a knife, represents someone who is attacking us treason.

- If we dream that we have DIRT ON OUR BACKS, it means that there is something that is being difficult for us to fix and that we need someone's help or support.

- If in the dream, we see our girlfriend's(boyfriend's) mother and notes that your mother wears a black DRESS backless, it means that she(her mother) does not like you.

- If in our dream we see a FRIEND OR RELATIVE WHO DEPARTED THIS WORLD aboard a boat, but we see it back, it means that friend or family member and is on track to Heaven but this annoyed with us for something we are doing or we have not already, depending on our current situation.

- If we see a GHOST-DOG ON ITS BACK, it represents a friend or a love who is angry with us because he thinks we are ignoring her.

- If we dream that we HUG SOMEONE WE KNOW BY THE BACK, it means that we love/appreciate that person even though it sometimes makes us angry or even if she(he) sometimes reject us.

- If in our dream, we meet with NEEDLES/THORNS stuck in the back, it means that if we get angry or refuse to support a certain person, some difficulties may arise. It can also mean that there is someone who is looking for a way to provoke, that we get angry with someone.

- If we dream that a doctor OPERATES ON OUR BACKS, this is advice, which tells us that we should not get too angry nor resentful. It can also mean that we are refusing to help someone who needs us, which is not good.

- If we dream that we have SCRATCHES ON THE BACK, it means that someone has been betraying us in some way.

- To dream that someone we like THINK WE SPEAK EVIL OF HER(HIM) TO THEIR BACKS, means that person does not like us, especially because we do not inspire confidence to that person.

- If in the dream see SOMEONE WHO WE KNOW, but only see it of backs, means that person does not love us, or that reject us for any reason.

- If in our dream we see a STATUE OF THE SAINT DEATH OF BACKS means we have no affinity with she, but if a devotee of this cult has this dream, it means that she is upset with him(her), for some reason, it advising you to be careful, because the holy death is somewhat bipolar and if it bothers him(her), could bring you bad luck or a disgrace, in which case the ideal is to get rid of all the objects related to it, and replace them with something good, like an image of our Divine Lady(Virgin of Guadalupe).

- To dream that our mother made one TATTOO ON THE BACK, means that she is refusing or trying to reject someone but the truth is that she canít, because is too attached to it, for example: That she is angry to our dad and to have considered divorce but certain is that this will not because she is too attached to him.

- TURN THE BACK someone evil or an evil being, means that we are protected or that someone or that being.
It may also mean that we are protected from the bad influence of something or someone.

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