- If we see the house where lives one of our ENEMIES, and we note that one of the rooms there are several cots, where there are babies, it means that our enemies are planning something that may actually cause harm, we must have careful not to fall into a snare.

- To dream that we lie about BABY POOP, it means we will have good luck in the economy, but we must learn to be patient.

- Dreaming of a baby who will BITE THE HAND, is an enemy that tries to sabotage our plans and projects.

- If a GIRL dreams of a FAMILY MEMBER HAS A BABY, it means you want to have a sibling.

- If in our dream we see a NEWBORN AND ANYTHING RELATED TO OUR ENEMIES, such as: the house they live in one of his relatives, where they work, your car, etc., means that one of our enemies is attacking either strategically, with demands, witchcraft, gossip, etc., and we are not defending well, it advises us to analyze the situation well, as there is something that is dangerous and not taking into account, for example, talk to seem unimportant, but nevertheless they can cause problems in the future unless we act in time.

- If you dream that ONE OF OUR FAMILY HAS A BABY, means we want to have a child.

- If our dream just see BABY SHOES, it means that there is a possibility that we meet under one of our opponents or someone who is abusing our trust.

- In the case, for example, our son, or nephew, see: "Son," or "nephew."


- The dream of a child, sometimes lets us see our inner child, and when we see a child struggling with an adult, it means that we are an internal struggle about our personality, we must pay attention to Other signs of sleep, to better understand the situation.

See more

- If in a dream, we see a son or our children, means that we can be worried about them, and advises that we should make sure they are good, or they do not have a problem we should know.
- If we see our children in danger, means that there is a looming threat, especially if, for example, were to leave home or around people were unreliable. In these cases, it is also advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in sleep to get more details.

- To dream of an empty cradle reflected insecurity and dissatisfaction with ourselves.
- If a child rocking portends marital bliss.
- If the crib is more than one child portends that our goods will be increased day by day.
- If there are four children, means that in addition to our property from being increased, will have good luck in general.

- If we see it today as we announce that we will hear from him (it) or tell us a surprise coming.
- If we see children (See meaning of child).
- If you died, something tells us the future that depends on other signs of sleep: for example if the happy or joyful announces a good thing, if you are angry or worried warns us of danger.
- If it's a prophetic dream (See: Magic good-dreams) is our cousin (s) visit us in our dream to give us an important message about the future, then the same dream we can show such a future event as can happen, even in detail, we must be aware of the details for how to act at the time.

- If we see a relative as it is today means we will have a surprise soon.
- If family members or family we see in our sleep, and departed from this world, see meaning: dead, if we see them as children, see: child .....

Grand children:
- Dreaming of one grandson, means we have a surprise soon.

Means surprising or unexpected news.
- If you dream relative as they were in our children, means lack of maturity.
- If you dream that something bad happens to one of our nephews, means that to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future, we should take more seriously the important issues we have pending, even those we think are not so important, in addition to strive more.
- Dream a little niece, trying cook something and you're not right, tells us that soon we may have an unpleasant surprise because of our lack of experience and that we still have much to learn.
- Dream to our nephew from a in front of door, tells us that even failure to achieve a final settlement in addition to that we can still have unexpected surprises that we may be adverse.

- View a stroller in our dream, tells us that positive change is coming that we can bring prosperity and happiness.
- If we see a stroller with a child inside means the beginning of something new, which will be accompanied by happiness.

Here is a stroller.

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