This sign is related to our secrets.

- If the backpack is EMPTY indicates that the owner is unable to keep a secret.

- If we dream that our EX GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) steals our backpack to ruin it, it means that she(he) is planning to damage our reputation by using the things she(he) knows about us.

- To dream that we are in school and that we FORGET the backpack with our school supplies, means that even we do not have enough knowledge to face a difficulty, this dream advises us to continue our studies or simply study more an issue that is important.

- If it is FULL it means that we have well-kept secrets.

- If we LOSE IT, it means that someone knows our secrets.

- If someone STEALS the backpack, it means that someone will find out something we do not want to know, using force.

- But if we dream that someone STEALS OUR BACKPACK, BUT AT THE END LEAVES THE BACKPACK, BUT IT TAKES SOME OF IT, represents someone who found out about a part of our secrets or privileged information, but only a part.

- If we dream that we get off a TRAIN carrying with us several backpacks and heavy bags, it means that there is something that we do not have under control and it has to do with an issue that we wish to keep secret.

- To dream about a WET BACKPACK, represents difficulties because of some thing that we have not known how to keep secret or in which we have not been discreet enough.

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