The balloons symbolizes the whole. On the other hand, if we see ourselves holding a balloon inflated with gas, it represents the desire to go further in a certain matter.

- If we dream of someone we know driving a BICYCLE WITH BALLOONS tied to it, it means that that person wants to go far in their projects and is willing to make an effort, so it is most likely that they will achieve it.

- If in the dream we see how a balloon is DEFLATED, it means that if we want to go further with someone or in a certain matter, we must avoid insecurity, pessimism or apathy.

- If in the dream we see holding a GOLDEN balloon, it means that we are loyal and reliable people, or that we are making an effort in that regard. But if we see someone we know holding a golden balloon, then the meaning applies to that person.

- If we dream that the balloon LOOSES, it means that we are losing a good opportunity.

- If we dream we hold an ORANGE TOY BALLON, along with the person we love, it means we both want to go further, for example to become a couple.

- If in our dream we see a PARTY AND COLORED BALLOONS, it represents difficulties in being able to go further in our projects.

- If we dream of a cloud of PINK balloons, it means that we will have help from the angels to meet a new love.

- If a woman dreams that she accidentally breaks a balloon, and the rest of the dream focuses on a DISTRESSING PREGNANCY, it means that if she is not careful, she could become pregnant (since the balloon represents a condom that could break by accident, or some contraceptive method that could fail).

- If we dream of SILVER balloons, it means that to go further in love, work, etc., we must show ourselves as someone loyal and reliable.

- Dreams in which a TERRESTRIAL GLOBE appears can reveal the desire for dominance or announce a long journey.

- If we dream that someone throws us a WATER BALLON TOY, it represents a person who is causing us difficulties.

- If in the dream we see a hot air balloon in our WORK, it represents our desire to improve ourselves and it is most likely that we will achieve it.
But if it's blue, then it means we're likely to make it soon, thanks to our honesty and trustworthiness.

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