The bathroom symbolizes purification (Physical and spiritual cleansing, for example: Something you wish to clean or correct), but may also relate to the furniture we see in the bathroom (sink, toilet, shower, tub, etc.), so too is convenient to see the meaning of what we see most notorious in it.

- If in the dream we see an ARMCHAIR OR SOFA IN THE BATHROOM, then there is something in our current situation we want to clean or fix.

- Dreaming need to go to the bathroom, but cannot because is BUSY, it means we want to get rid of old ideas and leave behind the bad times, such as an old idea that never worked and always ruining everything, even this dream tells us that changing some of our old ideas and prejudices can help us leave behind the bad times.

- If in the dream JUST SEE A DARK BATHROOM, means that we want to correct or fix an issue, yet the dream tells us that there is a danger in it, so we must be cautious.

- If in our dream we DEFECATING OR SEE FECES in the bathroom, means good luck financially.

- If we are with DIARRHEA, means that we must avoid waste.

- If in the dream we see that the bathroom DOOR IS OPEN AND ALSO NOTICED THAT THE TOILET LID IS OPEN, (for example: Because someone forgot to close it), it means bad luck, it can also be a tip tells us that we should not be careless.

- If we dream with an EXAGGERATED CLEAN (we clean our body or part thereof, in excess) tells us to free ourselves from something that may be unpleasant or objectionable.

- If you see FECES on the bathroom, but we are afraid or are there signs of sadism, means that our personality is deteriorating.

- Dreaming of a FLY IN THE BATHROOM, tells us that there are difficulties caused by bad feelings towards ourselves or someone in our family.

- If in our dream we JUST SEE A BATHROOM mean we should change or something that must change.

- To dream that someone LOCKED US IN THE BATHROOM, means that there is a danger that we unjustly imprisoned, which advises us to be careful and not do reckless things.

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- To dream we see or enter into a bathroom, and noticed MISSING THE TOILET, means we have a feeling of guilt that we have not managed to get rid of.

- If you dream you PEE IN THE BATHROOM, means that we will rise immediately out of bed to go to the bathroom.

- If in our dream we are SHAVING in the bathroom, means it is likely to soon be deceived by relatives or friends.

- If we dream WE WANT TO PEE IN THE BATHROOM, but we cannot because the bathroom is closed, or because the toilet is too high, it means that we want to free ourselves from something or leave behind the bad times, but the only way to achieve this is by changing some old idea, fitness, prejudice or something we do not working.

- If you dream that we WASH OUR HANDS in the bathroom, means that we must get rid of guilt is unfounded.

- Dreaming we WASH THE BATHROOM tells us to get rid of jail, and if we see someone we know cleaning the bathroom, then, mean that person got rid of imprisonment.

- To dream that the water is WASTING in the bathroom (because someone left the faucet open by mistake), augurs lost money. And if we see that water is being wasted reaches the floor and then into the bedroom, wetting the entire floor, augurs lose money and difficulties in love because of our negligence, or bad strategy, so that both this case as in the previous section, we analyze the situation well advised and act immediately.

- If a man dreams of a WOMAN WHO GETS INTO THE MENīS BATHROOM depicts a woman provocative (someone we know).


If in our dream SIMPLY WE BATHE, means that we must seek more physical and spiritual cleansing, or can represent the desire to clean something like a lack or our reputation. But if remember how was the water or, if the bath was pleasant or not, means the following:

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