If in our dream SIMPLY WE BATHE, means that we must seek more physical and spiritual cleansing, or can represent the desire to clean something like a lack or our reputation. But if remember how was the water or, if the bath was pleasant or not, means the following:

- If the bath is NICE indicates health of both physical and spiritual, especially if the water is clear and transparent.

- If the WATER IS CLOUDY OR DIRTY, indicates that something is wrong but if it ends up being clear and pleasant means that we get a profit.

- If the water is COLD means misunderstanding.

- If the water is TOO HOT: Divorce.

- If the water is WARM: Happiness.

- If the WATER NO FALLS: Means penalties.

- If WATER BEGINS TO BE CLEAR AND NICE, BUT THEN IS BAD, means there is something that can occur and causing things not going well.

- If we dream of an EMPTY BATHUB OR NOT WE GET INTO IT, indicates opportunities.

- If we dream that WE ARE PREPARING TO BATHE and to see the soap that we use (But without that the dream reaches at time to we started to bathe), tells us that the ensure cleanliness, both personal hygiene as around us, help us ward off bad luck.

- When we see someone BATHING A CAT in our dream without matter who is the dreamer, is associated with to have jealousy of a woman: girl is jealous, mother jealous, jealous of partner, or because someone thinks that if we married their interests will be affected some form, but also tells us that person feels a little guilty about it; for example: If a girl dreams of a family carrying a cat and bathe, then she have jealousy a woman or a girl (Girl's jealousy and is usually a woman or girl newcomer), yet feel guilty about something or feel sorry for the woman or girl.

- To dream of BATHING A DOG, means that have a sense of guilt that is unjustified.


- If we dream, that we bathe in a bathtub, and dream is unpleasant, means we will have difficulty achieving our goals.

- If the dream is nice, we say that we have enough strength and determination to achieve our purposes.

- If we dream of an empty bathtub or not we get into it, indicates opportunities.

-If in our dream we see a baby bathtub, says that an oversight on our part can take a chance on an enemy.

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