If in our dream we see ourselves bald, that is, as if we had been completely without hair for a long time, it means that we are being weak of character or that we are losing friendships, depending on our current situation.
But if we dream that our hair begins to fall out or that our hair suddenly falls out, then it means total ruin.

- If we dream that one of our CHILDREN IS BALD, it means that he/she may be in a problem that may leave him/her in a difficult situation.

- If we dream that our HAIR LOSES, it means total ruin. But if we dream that the hair of someone we know falls out, then it means that this person could end up in ruin or is in ruin.

- If we dream of a PRODUCT FOR BALDRENESS that has a large letter "Z" on its label, it means that there are products that can help us not to lose our hair, but the important thing is that we do not get angry or stressed too much because then The product is of no use to us.

- If we dream of a BALD RAT, it means that there is someone who has had economic difficulties and could rob/swindle us. Which advises us to take precautions.

- To dream that a bald man or a bald man STEALS SOMETHING from us, means that there is a danger that a lout will steal something from us, or that he will keep something that belongs to us.

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