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Dreams: Be

Be behind/Be slow:
- If we fall behind a clock, the dream tells us to take things easy.

- When we arrive at the beach from a boat, it means that we are saved from danger.

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Beak, Bird's:
It indicates good luck, unless it stings us, because then it means that we are being too insecure.

It represents courage and strength, and in some cases it is related to our instincts.
- If we dream of a giant bear, it means that we must learn to manage our strength, instincts and/or excess courage.

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- A DARK AND GOOD-LOOKING beard means that we have a good chance of success.
- If in the dream we see a bearded old DOG represents a friend who can give us good advice or a friend who gave us good advice that we should consider.
- Seeing the MIRROR AND NOTE THAT WE HAVE BEARD, tells us tone down our lust for power and money, and we give higher priority to the values that are most important as friendship and loyalty.
- If we SEE WITH BEARD warns us to tone down our lust for power and money.
- If we SHAVE BEARD indicate that it is time to start a strong and direct action.

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Bearded fish:
This dream augurs a loss, but tells us not suffer for it.

- If it is a terrifying beast reveals this dream that we tied to children's fears and guilt complexes.
- If the beast is tempting reflects distrust ourselves and fear our weaknesses.
- If the beast is conciliatory and friendly reveals our desire to lessen the guilt of our sins.
- If it is a monstrous beast, represent perversion, this dream tells us that we are being led by evil.

- This dream tells us that we feel jealous of our partner, so we should be more reflective.
- If in our dream we see a very beautiful woman, means success in love.

Beauty salon, hair salon:
- If we dream that we are in a beauty salon, and scissors are present, it means approaching slander and gossip.
- If we dream that we are in a beauty salon, (Without scissors), indicated a desire to change the appreciation of others towards us.

- Meet it indicates a desire to change the appreciation of others toward us.
- Practice the profession means that we will use our own tips to improve our position.

It means hard work, courage, persistence, satisfaction with the work performed.

Becoming an animal:
- Dreaming KNOW SOMEONE WHO TURNS INTO AN ANIMAL, (As long as it is not an eagle, feathered serpent or macaw) means that people will be envious to try to end that friendship, which advises us not to listen gossip.
- If you dream that YOU BECOME AN ANIMAL, (If it is not an eagle, feathered serpent or macaw) the dream tells us we're becoming less civilized or we're starting to experience a lack of limits. It can also mean: Repressed sexual impulses, in which case the dream has therefore advised to stop repressing, since otherwise we get into trouble or even lose self-control.
Although sometimes it means that we are adopting or assuming the symbolism of that animal, so it is also advisable to consult the meaning of the particular animal.
- If we dream that we BECOME AN EAGLE, FEATHERED SERPENT, MACAW means that we have reached a higher spiritual level. But if he becomes one of these animals is another person, means that that person has reached a higher spiritual level.
- If a man dreams about a CAT WHO BECOMES A WOMAN, it means that someone tried to end their relationships.
- Dreaming that WOMEN BECOMES IN DOG means success thanks to our loyalty and or companionship. But if we see an acquaintance who becomes dog, says she(he) is a loyal and we can trust in she(he).

- If the bed is dismal, dark, damaged or placed in a dark gloomy room warns of possible disease who are lying in it.

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Bed head:
- If the dream we see something of witchcraft at the head of our bed or on it, it means that someone is manipulating us in some way, or that someone is trying to get us witchcraft to we cannot succeed in a difficult matter.

This dream augrua us, anxiety and loneliness.

The bedroom in our dreams in most cases is related to love and couples, whether dating or marriage, depending on our current situation.
It may also be related to sex, our way of being, rest, or things of our personality that we must improve.
- If in the dream we see ALCOHOL in our bedroom, tells us that soon suffer because of a treason or falsehood, and is related to our partner.
- If we see the BED exactly in the middle of the chamber, means that we have well controlled our matters relating to sex and or the couple.
- If in the dream we see coming out DIRTY WATER OR OUR BEDROOM, means it is likely that we will have health problems or problems with our partner because of a hidden enemy (and may even be someone who never would suspect).
- If in the dream, we see in our bedroom, in the PURE MATTRESS (without bed), augurs difficulties in love.
- If in our dream we see someone of the opposite sex with horns and DEMON tail, leaving or our bedroom; represents our former partner or former suitor, and tells us that it was an evil person who was hurting us, but that is gone for good. At the same time advises us to be careful because it can get to be retaliation by that person.

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- To dream of a bedspread, portends sweet home where we feel fully integrated.
- If in our dream we offer as a gift someone a bedspread, then, means that we are able to help others.

Symbolizes success in the job.
- See bees in the wild, it means: good fortune in general.
- If you dream that we stung by a bee, is a warning that there may be a danger to our reputation.
- If you look angry bees, or they attack us, it means: Problems with our partners or laziness at work, which can lead to ruin.
- If you dream of giant bees that attack us, this is a warning, telling us that we must overcome the laziness and begin to work harder, as there is a serious danger of ending up broke.
- Killing bees indicates that the ruin is inevitable and is upcoming.
- If we see from flower to flower, means a love that started.
- If we are destroying a beehive, it means that we are being antisocial, or that we fail to adapt to our environment.
- To dream of a queen bee with many eyes, represents God, and tells us that we have a little divine help to resolve a difficulty.

by letter.

Bee, Queen:
- To dream of a queen bee with many eyes, represents God, and tells us that we will have some Divine help to resolve a difficulty.

To dream about we drink beer, portends that we will make an effort that we will be profitable.

Seeing well planted beets means satisfaction and we will have a safe money.
- If they are freshly cut, it means success in our affairs. And if we see them on a plate, it means luck in love.

- To dream about a beetle, augurs luck and success in our business or in our affairs.
- To dream that we kill beetles, means that we are ruining our good fortune after failing to adapt to circumstances.

Beetle (From: Car model):
- Driving a Beetle, tells us that others do not see us with respect, especially when it is an old bettle.
- Dream a beetle with a sign or logo Nazi says that others do not respect us because we are sympathetic to the more negative side of Nazism, which advises us away from those ideals such as revenge and racism because that's not good.

It means we must forgive someone.
- If we dream that someone we like, playing hard to get, it means that she(he) also like you, but there may be an impediment, for example: That she(he) already has a boyfriend(girlfriend).

- If we give alms to someone presages disappointments.
- Seeing a beggar without giving him anything, warns against the possibility that we suffer losses of money.

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If in our daily living have a brother or family about being blameworthy behavior and in the dream we see talking about what he does (Bad thing to do in your waking life), and even if in the dream we are concerned about it, means that we are afraid that others compare us with he, or have a bad opinion of us because of it.

- The head symbolizes the soul and intelligence. If we are with the amputated head predicts the loss of a position to take a better one. It can also interact with the phrase: "I'm losing my mind" (Which implies that something is troubling us too much or we're losing focus for thinking about someone).
- If in the dream we see the severed head of our ex girlfriend(ex-boyfriend), means that she(he) is losing the concentration for us (Do not stop thinking about us).
- To dream that someone else is beheaded or someone beheaded us, represents poor judgment or a bad decision.
- If a woman dreams about someone who like her, but in the same dream sees a bloodstained bed with beheaded heads of several women, means that the person she like is unreliable and heads slaughtered along with blood represent the suffering he has caused to his former girlfriends.

This color tells us to make sure everything is well and to leave nothing unturned.
- To dream about beige color papers, tells us that sometimes, although it is good to be kind to others and not show that they distrust, we must ensure that discreetly tell the truth; and what we see written on paper can give us more details of the case.

- To dream that someone burps, portends unpleasant situations, but as long as we do not live in a place where no burping in public is considered rude.

- If we dream that we did something very bad, but then begin to believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe or in God, and ask her(him) to help us, it means that we are protected from any danger or risk.

- If in our dream, we hear a bell, means it is a warning, to analyze our situation and change of attitude.
- To dram about a golden bell, means that a positive change is coming.

Bell, sleigh:
- If we sound a sleigh bell, it means we have to be discreet in any matter.
- If we are missing a sleigh bell in a dream means the end of a problem.
- If in our dream we see a sleigh bell on the neck of an animal, tells us that there are rumors about us.
- If we are playing with a sleigh bell, it is a warning that we will receive unpleasant news.
- If we are barefoot with sleigh bells on their ankles, means that we must guard against manipulative people.

Bell, small:
To dram about a small bell, augurs good news.

Bell tower:
To dram about a bell tower augurs success and spiritual upliftment.

Belly button:
- It means that there will be difficulties, which can affect us in an important way.
- To dream that we have our hand in our belly button and that we can´t get it out means that there is something we have not been able to do because we are too attached to one of our parents or both. This dream advises us to try to be more independent. r

- If we dream that someone tells us that a certain house belongs to someone good, it means that we are bad or we are being bad; but if they say that the house belongs to someone bad, it means that we are good (It tells us that we are the opposite of what they say about the owner of the house).

If in our dream, we bring a good belt tells us that we are handling the situation well, and the better aspect has means that we handle the situation better. But if the belt is in poor condition or it's taken away, it means loss of authority.

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See: “Down”

Bend down:
- In this case, the meaning depends on, so we bend down, so that for example, if we bend to hide, then the meaning is the same as "Hide" and means: Our insecurity that is causing us problems for a solution to our problems.
- If in our dream we see a white dog walking with your head in shame, the dream tells us that we must act with more safety and care of our commitments, whether marriage, friendship, business partnerships, etc..

- If we are seeking benefits for others , the dream tells us that it is likely to make fun of us.
- If we are receiving them , means jealous of our personal relationships.

Beret, military/ Topi beret:
It tells us that our faith will be tested. It may also mean that we are being too authoritarian.

Means professional activities successful unless the berries are rotten, because in that case indicates setbacks.

- To dream that we can choose or have something better, means that we can even try harder or that we can still do better.
- To dream that we go to university, but that our father went to a better university, it means the same as the previous one. But if our father has already left this world, it is about him, who has visited us in our dream to tell us that we can still work harder or that we can still do things better.

- The fact that a wizard or a witch, make us victims of a spell, is a warning for us to realize that we made a mistake we must fix, because otherwise we will discuss punishment in this life or the next. - Dreaming of a car possessed or bewitched, as if acting alone and malignant form without anyone drive, means we're getting carried away too much about the path of evil.

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