- If present BEARDED PEOPLE indicates that we do must prevail imagination and ingenuity to achieve our goals.

- A DARK AND GOOD-LOOKING BEARD means that we have a good chance of success.

- If in the dream we see a bearded old DOG represents a friend who can give us good advice or a friend who gave us good advice that we should consider.

- If we DYED THE BEARD, means we'll be tempted to conceal.

- Seeing the MIRROR AND NOTE THAT WE HAVE BEARD, tells us tone down our lust for power and money, and we give higher priority to the values that are most important as friendship and loyalty.

- If we SEE WITH BEARD, warns us to tone down our lust for power and money.

- If we SHAVE BEARD indicate that it is time to start a strong and direct action.

- If the person IS SHAVING IS ANOTHER PERSON, the situation in which we are, requires strong and decisive action.

- If the beard is SMALL OR WEAK says our chances of success are low.

- If in our dream we see PEOPLE WITH SMALL BEARD OR 3-DAY BEARD, the dream tells us that we lack imagination and ingenuity to succeed.

Here is a 3-day beard.

- WASH IT is a sign of anxiety. And if there is present a barber reveals collaboration and support of important people.

- If is a WHITE BEARD, we win prestige and dignity.

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