It represents courage and strength, and in some cases it is related to our instincts.

- If in the dream we see a BEAR DIE, it means that we lack strength and courage to achieve what we want.

- If in the dream A BEAR BITES us, it means that we have the strength and courage to achieve what we want, but at the same time, the dream tells us that there is a danger, for example: That envious and dishonest people try to hurt us. What advises us to be prudent and take all necessary precautions.

- If we dream of a BLACK BEAR it means that we should not abuse our strength or our position.

- TO DREAM THAT A BEAR IS CHASING US, and manages to reach us, means that there is a serious danger that our enemies will destroy us. If we manage to escape, it means that we will successfully avoid the danger.

- To dream of a DROWNED bear, means that we lack strength and courage to face difficult situations, or to achieve what we want.

  • If we see a FLOODED VACANT LOT AND THERE WE SEE A DROWNING BEAR, it means that financial worries have exhausted our strength and courage to achieve what we want. This dream advises us that although things are difficult we should never give up, since there is always a way.

- To dream about a FEMALE BEAR means a child fixation towards the image of our mother, and it means that we want to be pampered and encouraged.

- If we dream of a GIANT bear, it means that we must learn to manage our strength, instincts and/or excess courage.

- If we dream that we have a PET bear, but it LEAVES OR ESCAPES, it means that we are losing our strength and courage.

- If we dream of a POLAR BEAR in the snow, it means that in order not to be alone, we must learn to control our impulses/instincts.

- To dream of a TEDDY BEAR, means that we need an amulet to help us protect ourselves from those around us.

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