If in our dream, we bring a good belt tells us that we are handling the situation well, and the better aspect has means that we handle the situation better. But if the belt is in poor condition or it's taken away, it means loss of authority.

- To dream we BOUGHT A GOOD BELT, it means we are handling the situation well.

- If we dream that BREAKS OUR BELT means that we are losing control of the situation.

- Dreaming we entered a store in ORDER TO BUY A BELT but in the end do not buy, it means you are not handling the situation well, it advises you to be more firm in your decisions.

- If in the dream, we bring a belt, but what we remember the dream, is that the belt was an EXOTIC SKIN the meaning depends on skin type in question:

Here we see an alligator belt.

- If we are REMOVING BELT A PERSON of the opposite sex, means you get your help. But if the same sex, it means we give up being faithful and dependence.

- If in the dream SOMEONE TAKES YOUY BELT, it means loss of authority. But if you do not let you remove the belt, it means that you give up the fidelity, or dependency.

- If in our dream we see a WET BELT tells us that if we do not handle the situation well have difficulties.

- If in our dream we see a WOMAN IN WHITE DRESS AND BLACK BELT, tells us that if we are to succeed in our affairs, we must be prepared to confront hatred, demands, counterattacks, and or traps.

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