- WHEN WE ARRIVE AT THE BEACH FROM A BOAT, it means that we are saved from danger.

- If we ARRIVE TO THE BEACH FROM EARTH AND THE SEA IS QUIET, it reveals nostalgia or the need for a time of serenity and relaxation.

- IF THE BEACH IS VERY CONCURRED, we want a bright life in which we can show off.

- If in the dream we see CRIMINALS on a beach, it means that although things look calm, there is a danger that at any moment someone will attack us in some way, so we must be careful.

- If we dream of a DANGEROUS beach, it means that our life is full of worries.

- If we dream that we are on a beach and there we see a FRIEND/FAMILY WHO ALREADY PARTYED FROM THIS WORLD and we give him a kiss, embrace him, hold hands, talk to her(him)... It means that through our dream we have visited our loved one who is already in heaven. In this dream, the ocean symbolizes the sea of Heaven; and the beach the mainland, that is, the arrival to Heaven.

- IF A MAN SLEEPS WITH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND WITH NAKED BREASTS, on a beach, it means a need for relaxation and love.

- IF THE BEACH IS FULL OF PEBBLES it means that in order to do what we want we will have to overcome many difficulties.

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