- If we GIVE ALMS to someone presages disappointments.

- If we HIT A BEGGAR, that augurs problems.

- If we see OURSELVES AS BEGGARS, it tells us that we are entering a period of problems and much work, which we will not achieve much.

- If we dream that a beggar asks us to give him a PENCIL AND GIVE OUR SINGLE pencil (The one we had, in case it was offered, write something), means that we have few resources and it is better not to waste them (Try to save and/or avoid spending too much). It can also mean that in the following days, if someone asks us to give him a coin, it is better that we do not do it, since he was probably sent by someone who wants to make us witchcraft.

- Seeing a beggar WITHOUT GIVING him anything, warns against the possibility that we suffer losses of money.

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