The bedroom in our dreams in most cases is related to love and couples, whether dating or marriage, depending on our current situation.
It may also be related to sex, our way of being, rest, or things of our personality that we must improve.

- If in the dream we see ALCOHOL in our bedroom, tells us that soon suffer because of a treason or falsehood, and is related to our partner.

- If we see the BED exactly in the middle of the chamber, means that we have well controlled our matters relating to sex and or the couple.

- If we see one of our BROTHERS IN THE BEDROOM, we must interpret the dream, as if we, as our brothers are a reflection of ourselves.

- If in our dream we see someone of the opposite sex with horns and DEMON TAIL, leaving or our bedroom; represents our former partner or former suitor, and tells us that it was an evil person who was hurting us, but that is gone for good. At the same time advises us to be careful because it can get to be retaliation by that person.

- If in the dream we see coming out DIRTY WATER OF OUR BEDROOM, means it is likely that we will have health problems or problems with our partner because of a hidden enemy (And may even be someone who never would suspect).

- If in our dream we see an EMPTY bedroom (Without furniture), it means difficulties in love.

- If in our dream we feel FEAR, TO ENTER OUR BEDROOM, means fear of sex.

- If in the dream, we see in our bedroom, in the PURE MATTRESS (Without bed), augurs difficulties in love.

- If you dream that we moved to the MASTER BEDROOM (The largest) and the dream is nice, means good fortune in love.

- If we dream of a bedroom PAINTED OF TWO-COLOR, AND THESE ARE: LIGHT-.PEACH AND DARK-PEACH, tells us to we must defend our interests even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe, for example, if the dreamer is a man, can refer to an attractive lady who is flirting, and says that although it is attractive and could suffer negative criticism, avoid correspond to well protect your interests, for example because he was married or had girlfriend, and because there is a danger she finds out.

- If in our dream we see a ZOMBIE OUT OF THE BEDROOM, means that we are afraid that we abandon our partner. But if we dream we see two zombies out of the bedroom, telling us to do what is necessary to avoid it, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

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