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Dreams: Bi

This dream warns of difficulties that needed a quick fix.

If in the dream, see or read a bible, it means confusion, so it is a call to reflection.

- If in our dream we see a bibliography or data from a book we did not know, it can be a message that tells us to find that particular book, because in that book may have important knowledge we should know.

- If we dream we open a book at random and we distinguish images or words on the page that was left open, we must search for the meaning of those words or images to understand the meaning of the dream.

See it or drive it, is our life and says that everything depends on us.
also represents our energy capacity.

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To dream of things, which in our dream are very large, when in reality they are not, it means that we are well on our business, or we have reached an understanding that is important.
- If a man dreams that his girlfriend has bigger BREASTS how has in reality (Day life), it means he likes and is happy with she. And if a woman dreams that her breasts are bigger, how has in reality means feel attractive and confident in herself, that is good.
- If we dream of a giant COCKROACH it means that to achieve what we want, we must be prepared to face and overcome a treacherous enemy and slanderer.
But if we dream of a giant spiders and cockroaches in the same dream, it means that we have a hypocritical and treacherous enemy with whom we must be prudent and look for the best way to bring out their gossip and machinations, because otherwise we can reach entrap and or being involved in gossip.

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To dream about bikini predicts a trip that will last a short time.

- If we are playing pool in our lives means that we have more luck with that work and responsibility.
- If we dream that we place a bowl of noodles or spaghetti on a pool table, it means that if things were tangled is because we rely more on luck than hard work.

- If we are using binoculars, means that we can run our business or affairs well.
- If we see someone watching us with binoculars, means that there is the risk of being bothered by people jealous or petty.

Bird shop:
If we dream that we are in a bird shop, it means good luck in love.

- If in our dream we see migrating birds, he says we want a change or independence.
- If you see birds flying into the sky, we are told to be patient.

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This sign represents something that is brewing.
- If we see a COMPLICATED BIRTH that need help, means that our projects are underway that will carry out, but with some difficulties.
- If a young woman dreams that has a distressing birth and that his DAD SEES BAD or cannot look to the eyes, it means fear of sexual relations, or who feels guilty for something she did, which means the first or the latter depends on your current situation.
- If you dream DEAD TWINS born, tells us that something that start good can end badly.
- If we see a birth in which the child is born good, but the mother DIES GIVING BIRTH means our ongoing projects were achieved successfully.
- If we see a birth where CHILD DIES means our ongoing projects fail miserably.

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Birth certificates:
- If we dream of a birth certificate, or claim portends.
- If in our dream we see a birth certificate, but we see it has something written with pen or pencil, it means that we have, or will soon have a concern that relates to something related to the civil registry.

Celebrating a birthday promises beneficial circumstances.
- If in the dream CELEBRATE THE BIRTHDAY OF SOMEONE ELSE, means that someone close can help or is helping us, but it is important benefit from the support and show appreciation for it.
- See a BIRTHDAY CAKE, it means they are likely to meet soon one of our desires.
- To dream that we RECEIVE A BIRTHDAY PRESENT, says that while things look good, the reality is that an approaching danger, and it is a call to not trust and be prepared.
- If we dream that we are ALONE IN A BIRTHDAY PARTY means that we want to improve our relations with someone special.

- A biscuit, in good condition, especially if fresh, tells us that all is well.
- But if we see a hard biscuit or old means economic difficulties.

- If we dream a homosexual or who we are, reflects personality conflicts, if constantly repeated, the dream advises us to seek medical and spiritual help.
- If we dream of someone we know and what we see as a homosexual act, means that person has personality conflicts.

- If we have faith in God in the sense of Creator Being, that same is present in most religions, means that we help, and good luck in general, unless we believe that Jesus is God, in this case means confusion.
- If you do not believe in God (Which is like: Allah, Brahma, Yahweh, Tonantzin.....), the dream augurs evils and difficulties, unless the Bishop we speak, in this case means that our problems will end soon .

To dream about bison means a financial improvement whenever we decide take the risks necessary.

If in our dream we bite SOMEONE tells us that our aggressiveness has brought us enemies, but can also mean that we want to dominate people bite.
If SOMEBODY BITES us, means that we are hurt by this bites us.
If an ANIMAL BITES US represents a danger or harm and is related to the meaning of the animal (1. If a rat bites us, it means that enemies has caused us or cause us harm. And if we dream that a rat bite us, but then we kill it, means that an enemy has caused us serious injury, but we still have the possibility to reverse (For example: If he stole us anything, it is possible to make him return it to us; if he said gossip about us, to clarify things). 2. To dream about a Rottweiler-dog, tries to bite us, means that a compromise is in danger or is a danger that we fail to get to see our longings fulfilled marries whom we love. And if the Rottweiler bites us means the same as above, only that the risk is even greater. ).
If our PET BITES someone we know, the dream is related to that person, and tells us that we fear losing control and attacking him somehow, and the meaning of the type of pet, can give us more details of the case.

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