To dream of things, which in our dream are very large, when in reality they are not, it means that we are well on our business, or we have reached an understanding that is important.

- If a man dreams that his girlfriend has bigger BREASTS how has in reality (Day life), it means he likes and is happy with she. And if a woman dreams that her breasts are bigger, how has in reality means feel attractive and confident in herself, that is good.

- If we dream of a giant COCKROACH it means that to achieve what we want, we must be prepared to face and overcome a treacherous enemy and slanderer.
But if we dream of a giant spiders and cockroaches in the same dream, it means that we have a hypocritical and treacherous enemy with whom we must be prudent and look for the best way to bring out their gossip and machinations, because otherwise we can reach entrap and or being involved in gossip.

- Dreaming of a beautiful woman wearing a bring engagement ring with a significantly large DIAMOND, represents a successful compromise.

- View our face with biggest MOUTH what is means that we talk more than we should.

- To dream that we see someone who looks like a person whom we know and noticed that he has a big NOSE, that means the person to whom it seems, is dishonest and unreliable.

- If man dreams of having a bigger PENIS how it is in reality, means that it has confidence in himself as well as being attractive to the opposite sex.

- A large black RAT staring us represents an evil enemy who wants to harm us or rob us of something important.

- If in the dream we see a giant SPIDER, means that in order to achieve what we want we must stop being reckless and careless, and also we can reach into a trap. And if the giant spider has legs and claws stained with blood, tells us that if we fall into the trap you can get to cause us pain and sorrow.

- If we are carrying a heavy and large SUITCASE, it means we have a secret that this tormenting us.

- See a large and leafy TREE, it means that all is well. But if we see large, leafy trees on stony ground, then, it means that we must defend our interests and those of our family, even the others might thing that we are being bad or too severe.

- If we dream that we are watching a TV off, it tells us that there is a danger that happen a disgrace and the larger is the largest television will be the danger, which advises us to be cautious and even get an amulet for protection. And if the plasma display off this dirty, it means that added to the danger, there is an issue that is not going well.

- If in the dream we see a house with oversized WINDOWS, especially if it is night, it tells us to be more discreet, such as: keep secret important information.

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