See it or drive it, is our life and says that everything depends on us.
also represents our energy capacity.

- If we travel ACCOMPANIED, the actions of the passengers, including us, will reveal what is our attitude to those around us.

- His APPEARANCE, is our outward appearance.

- The BRAKES, is the will.

- If is BROKEN, represents our fears.

- If the bicycle is in GOOG CONDITION is that we have confidence in ourselves.

- If in POOR CONDITION, represents our fears.

- If we have DIFFICULTY CONTROLLING IT, means that we are not capable enough to do things on our own.

- If we DRIVING ALONE, indicates desire for independence.

- If you DRIVE TO UP (as a path that goes up), and smooth, we mean well and achieve success, thanks to our confidence and determination.

- If we FALL OF IT, presents a danger of failure or loss (in a material).
It may also represent a lack of security in ourselves or something we have not learned to control.

- If we FALL OF THE BICYCLE, BUT THEN RECOVER QUICKLY, means that confidence in ourselves.

- If you dream to drive a bicycle too FAST, tells us that we too quickly in a case or in a relationship.

- The GEAR, intelligence.

- The HANDLEBARS, the ability to control.

- The LIGHTS, our ability to see the facts.

- If the LEADS ANOTHER PERSON means that we are not masters of our fate.

- If we drive in a ROAD THAT LEADS TO A CERTAIN PLACE, that place or its meaning is what we are going in our lives.


Whether it is a motorcycle or a quad, this type of dreams usually are accompanied by various signs that help us better understand the message, the case is to see the meaning of each sign.

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