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Dreams: Bl-Bm

Black and White:
If we dream in black and white (Like a movie in black and white), means we have a fear and is related to the meaning of things we see in dream. It can also mean monotony.
- If we are waiting for a boat but the boat goes from there before we can ascend, and everything looks in black and white, it means that we are afraid of the changes in our lives. It may also mean that we fear we were alone, in the latter case the dream advises us to seek couple.

Black hole (From: Black holes are in space and absorbing all):
- If in our dream we see a black hole, it means that we are afraid of losing our way of life, work, family or for something end negatively.
It can also represent someone or something that is absorbing all our energy.

Black pudding:
It means sorrows.
- If we dream that someone we know offers us black pudding, it means that we must be careful with that person, since it can cause us problems and suffering.

Black Sheep (From: Idiom that refers to the problematic member of the family):
- If in our dream we see a certain family member in an old car (A certain family member who in the past was the black sheep of the family), it means that we should not forget the past with regard to him (her). The point is that although he (she) seems to have reformed, it is more likely that he will return to his old habits, so we should not trust ourselves too much.

This dream tells us that there will be satisfactions in relation to love.

It means that there may be rumors or gossip.

- If in our dream we see a blackboard, it means that we are doing well and that we will soon be able to achieve new knowledge that will be very useful for us.
- To dream that we see a blackboard in which someone wrote many times, that he should not do something, means that problems in our relationships are approaching.

If blackmail is present in our dream, it means that we can be victims of unsafe relationships if we are not thoughtful enough, (that is, if we let ourselves go by instinct and avoid analyze the situation well). It may also mean that we should analyze well any advice to give us, because it can be serving us.

Blackout (Power outage):
It means that we feel in the dark, unable to find the exit to our problems.

Blackouts (Brain fog):
To dream that we have blackouts, it means there is something we should not forget. It may also be in the sense that we should not forget our duties and obligations.

This dream symbolizes our struggle against our defects or our limitations.

- If in our dream we try something and it tastes bland, tells us that our life is too boring.
- If in our dream we offer something, or try something that should be sweet, but then to try it, it happens that the taste is bland, tells us that our love life is boring, what we suggest try a little more.

- Dreaming with a blanket, tells us that we comfort and safety in the home.
- If in our dream as a gift to offer someone a quilt or blanket, then, means that we are able to help others.
- If in our dream we see a door covered with a black blanket, it means that there is still a long way to reach a definitive solution, since before we have to solve some problems.

- This dream tells us that we are suffering anguish.

Blast furnace:
- If we are melting metals, it means success in our business or affairs.

- If in our dream we see someone behaving cynically or blatant, means it is likely that something or someone makes us a hard time.

- It tells us how well prepared we are to face future situations, so if you have good looks mean that we are well prepared , but if it looks bad means the opposite.
- If we dream that we bring as a blazer that tight us, means that there is a danger that we get to see in an embarrassing predicament.

It symbolizes honor and rewards.

Means that gossip can cause problems.

A blender represents a problem solved or a problem that we are solving successfully.

- If we are blessed in a dream, it means that we will soon have help and good fortune.
- To bless someone means punishment.

Blessed water:
To dream about blessed water or holy water means we will have good health physically and spiritually, but if it is the (Supposedly holy water) holy water from a cult, then it means difficulties and disappointments.

Blindness, Color:
This dream advises us to think carefully before making any decision.

- To dream that we are blind, means that we must review our situation and our projects, because we may be neglecting an important detail, which advises that we should pay more attention to what we do and not be complacent.
- If we dream that we are blind, while in real life we travel, means we have a setback before returning.
- To dream of an honest blind and we help, it means good luck.
- If we are wary of the blind, means that we must be wary of the advice we receive.

To dream that we blink, it means that we are refusing to see what is obvious.

Block toy:
- If in our dream we see just block toy, tells us that we have found the missing link, for example: A knowledge we needed to know to succeed.
- If in our dream we set up something with blocks, tells us to look for the best way to do something that is important.

Here is a toy block.

- See a blocked bridge, tells us that we should not try to evade the problems or an issue, and advises us to face the problems.
- If we see a blocked street, tells us that we will face an obstacle, which advises us that although there are difficulties in our way, we should not give up, but keep trying until you succeed.

To dream that someone has blonde hair means we have a good friendship with that person.
- But if we dream that a blonde abuses our trust, then, it represents a friend who we should not trust.
It can also mean that we must distrust certain people who are very friendly (Either someone who is too friendly or flattering, but who only does so to see what he takes out of us. Or someone who is too friendly with our girlfriend(boyfriend), depending on our current situation).

The blood in our dream can have several meanings, depending on how you see it, for example: When the blood leaves our body is something that hurts us. If we see objects, stained with blood, in most cases represents something that hurts us, or someone who is taking advantage of us in some way, and is related to the meaning of the object.
- If in the dream, walked by AVENUE OR FOR A ROAD and we see a BLOOD STAIN on the floor or on the pavement, it means that we face a danger, unless we begin to be more prudent.

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It means the same as: "Blood".

Bloom flowers:
- To dream you see a plant bloom, it means the start of something good.

Blood pressure:
- If we dream that we have high blood pressure, it means that someone (A boss, client, teacher, etc.) is going to put pressure on us these days, so we must work harder so that everything goes well.

Blood sausage:
It means sorrows.
- If we dream that someone we know offers us blood sausage, it means that we must be careful with that person, since it can cause us problems and suffering.

- To dream about a bloodhound dog, means that we must look for more, and is related to our current situation, for example: Find the best way to resolve an affair or look for more information about a certain subject, to mention a few examples.

- Means there will be the possibility of an unexpected trip. But if it is an embroidered blouse, then it means: Deceit and betrayal.
- If a man dreams of a woman who's wearing a lace blouse black, and flashes her breasts, means that if we avoid repress too, we'll be lucky in love.

- If we see ourselves blowing to fan the fire, it means that the hope continues to keep alive the flame of love, friendship, perseverance or an ideal.
- If we see ourselves blowing to put out the fire, it means that we have the desire and need to end a love or other relationship, which is being unstable.

Blow up doll (From: Toys for adults):
To dream of sex toys such as a blow up doll or a vibrator, represents loneliness or sexual desires not satisfied.

- If we destroy something that has a bad meaning with the blowtorch, it means that we will get rid of that bad thing that the burned thing means.
- If we dream that an angel wants to burn us with a blowtorch, it means that we have a feeling of guilt.

Blueprints, Plans:
If in our dream we see blueprints and we notice that everything looks perfect, it means that we can continue with our projects. But if in the dream we think that the plans are not right, it means that our projects are not sufficiently thought out, so we must plan things in a better way.
- See the plans of an alien spacecraft, means that we must analyze how things are in a new environment, for example: In a new situation, school, employment, neighborhood, and so on.

Blunt/Dull (For example: blunt knives):
Dreaming dull things, tells us that we lack ability to do something, and is related to the meaning of the thing sharp or dull.
- To dream that you use a SCISSORS to cut something, and noticed that they are dull know tells us not to lie.
- If the dream focuses on the blade of the sword, and is double-edged, you mean that our arguments are convincing, if and when to be gleaming blade, but if we notice that the blade is dull, tells us that we need to strive more to know well how to transmit our arguments to others and thus more compelling our words.

- If in our dream has something that we canít distinguish well or we see blurry, means that someone is trying to hide something from us, or that there is something that we have not understood; the other things that appear in our dreams can give us more details about what they try to hide or we do not understand well.
- If in the dream the things that are far away, we see well, but things that are close we see blurry, it means we have failed to understand the important things. r

by letter.

Blush, Flush:
- If we dream that the person we like avoids us, but he blushes (as if he had done it out of shyness), it means that he also likes us, but he is being indecisive or afraid that we will reject him.

- If the most noticeable is the logo of BMW car, means good fortune.
Also see: "Car".

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