The blood in our dream can have several meanings, depending on how you see it, for example: When the blood leaves our body is something that hurts us. If we see objects, stained with blood, in most cases represents something that hurts us, or someone who is taking advantage of us in some way, and is related to the meaning of the object.

- If in the dream, walked by AVENUE OR FOR A ROAD and we see a BLOOD STAIN on the floor or on the pavement, it means that we face a danger, unless we begin to be more prudent.

- If in our dream we run over to a murderer, it means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing in our affairs, but at the same time, tells us that there is a risk that we commit an excess at the time to prevent that enemy continue to bother; In this case the dream advises us try not to overdo it too. But if in dream we also see as springs BLACK BLOOD to the murderer, means that there is the risk that a misfortune happens because of us, in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we must be very prudent in the way we do.

- To dream about BLACK BLOOD AND ESPECIALLY IF IT SMELL BAD, announces probable misfortunes and death.
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- If you dream a BLOODY BUTCHER, means there is a person who tries to harm us, and feel that we have hurt in some way, such as in his pride.

- If in our dream we see with BLOODY FINGERS it means that one of our families may be in danger.

- If in our dream we are BOUND AND WITH BLOODY HANDS it means that someone will not let us thrive or carry out our purposes.

- To dream about a CAT BLOODIED, symbolize a woman who feels hurt in his pride, and generally treats an ex-girlfriend, or a rival, as appropriate.

- If a child dreams of going to the DENTIST and to extract a tooth comes out a lot of blood, it means that he think your dentist are a bit abrupt. If also causes a lot of pain, it means that he fears the dentist hurt.

- If a female-kid dreams that her DOLL FLOWS BLOOD means loneliness or miscommunication caused by someone close, for example, someone who is not allowed to be friends with other female-kids.

- If we dream that we DONATE BLOOD, it means that someone will be ungrateful to us or that if we do a favor to a certain person, he will not thank us.

- If in the dream we see blood in the body, but noticed this DRY BLOOD represents things or situations that have caused us pain in the past.
This dream advises us to avoid keep making the same mistakes that have made us suffer in the past.

- If in the dream we see a stranger child or man with BLOOD IN YOUR EYE means that someone has us ill will, because he has realized that we are doing something wrong or that we are somehow being mean (for example: That what we are humiliating).

- To dream about a bloody FACE, says it is likely that we will have a change of personality.

- If in our dream we see a FIGHT AND BOTH CONTENDERS ARE BLOODY, means that we have had a bitter and or heavy fighting with our enemies.

- To dream that our HAIR HAS BLOOD, it means that we our bad thoughts can cause problems and suffering.

- If in our dream we hit someone and then we see that we have BLOODY HANDS, tells we feel guilty for having caused a problem or conflict, but if we wash our hands then, means that we are not to blame for what happened .

- If in our dream we see a closed door, and noticed that the HANDLE HAS BLOOD it means that an adversary is trying everything goes wrong we (someone who wants us to close all the doors), but in the dream, we managed to open the door, represents the possibility of defeat that adversary.

- If in our dream we KISS SOMEONE TO WE KNOWN of the opposite sex, then we see that your MOUTH IS BLEEDING, it means we feel affection for that person, and it is likely that soon we are worried or suffer for their cause, for example, happen because something wrong, or because it makes us feel jealous .....

- If a man dreams of a KITTEN WITH BLOOD OR INJURY on his bed, represents a love that starts or restarts, but at the same time says that is a woman feels hurt in her pride, so be cautious.

- If we are to BLOOD ON THE MOUTH, means that we must be discreet and be careful what we say, or we'll get into trouble. And if we see our girlfriend(boyfriend), with blood in her(his) mouth, it means that that person should be more careful with what she(he) say about us or be more discreet about our relationship or can get into a lot of problems, for example: one of our family's assaults because of his indiscretion or to speak more.

- If a CHILD'S DREAM TO HAVE BLOOD IN THE NOSE it means that he feels is being excessively punished or reprimanded by a parent or teacher, even though we do not see it that way.

- Dreaming with a PLASTIC BAG FULL OF BLOOD means that we can succeed, but only if we are steadfast in our goals.

- If in our dream we see a RIVER OF BLOOD, tells us that a relative or friend who recently left this world needs our help, for example: Through our prayers. It can also be a reminder that tells us that we must not forget care good of our pets.

- If in our dream we are watching a football game or other sport and we see one of the TEAM PLAYERS TO WE SUPPORT, SPRAWLEN AND BLOODIED means that our adversaries can cause us harm. This dream advises us to be cautious.

- If in our dream we see blood, but noticed it is MUCH MORE THICK than usual, means it is likely ourselves or one of our family suffer physical injuries, for example: For a fight or an accident.
But if you have pets, then it means that it is very likely that our pets suffer physical injury by an accident or a fight.

- To dream about we PEE BLOOD means a delicate situation that can get hurting us.

- To dream about a PROSTITUTE WITH BLOOD ON THE NOSE, means that rid us or we got rid of a compromise that did not suit us.

- If in our dream we see SON WITH BLOOD EYE, means that she(he) feels that we are hurting or belittling in any way, which advises us to analyze the situation very well to know that is what is happening.

- To dream about a TAMPON WITH BLOOD, it means, that there are documents or anything that can prevent a government agency tramples our rights.

- If we dream about a BLOOD TRANSFUSION, means:

    • If we dream that took part in a blood transfusion, it means that we are able to support those who need us.

    • If we see that someone would do a blood transfusion or received a blood transfusion, means that we are going through a difficult situation or will soon see us facing, but make it out of the problem by someone influential and devoted.

- If a woman sees in her dream to a BLOODY WOMAN means that something is hurting she, physically or emotionally.

- If in the dream we see a car with BROKEN WINDSHIELD WITH BLOOD means there is something that we have not noticed or we are not realizing, which can cause a disaster happens.

- If we see a car with BROKEN WINDSHIELD WITH BLOOD, AND SOMEBODY SAYS THAT A PERSON crashed in that vehicle, means that we are neglecting or we are not taking the proper precautions, which can cause a disaster happens.

- A BLOOD STAINED WALL represents someone who is taking advantage of us towards their own interests.

- A young man, WOUNDED IN THE STOMACH AND EVEN IF THE BLOOD FLOWS; represents an enemy who is very angry and wounded pride, yet he warns that it is a dangerous person who wants revenge.

- If in our dream we see a WRAPPED CORPSE AND BLOODIED, inside the trunk of a car, (Especially if it's a nightmare) tells us that we need a change in our lives, whether in economic, family, work, business or work.

- To dream that our BROTHER (SISTER) IS A ZOMBIE AND SUCKS OUR BLOOD, means that we do not want to separate from someone, either physically or emotionally.

- Dreaming a ZOMBIE TO SUCK OUR BLOOD, means that someone does not want to leave us free or they do not want us to stay away from her (him) and try to do everything he can to not let us go.

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