This sign represents something that is brewing.

- If we see a COMPLICATED BIRTH that need help, means that our projects are underway that will carry out, but with some difficulties.

- If a young woman dreams that has a distressing birth and that his DAD SEES BAD or cannot look to the eyes, it means fear of sexual relations, or who feels guilty for something she did, which means the first or the latter depends on your current situation.

- If you dream DEAD TWINS born, tells us that something that start good can end badly.

- If we see a birth in which the child is born good but the mother DIES GIVING BIRTH, means our ongoing projects were achieved successfully.

- If we see a birth where CHILD DIES means our ongoing projects fail miserably.

- If a woman dreams that she GIVES BIRTH TO A VERY UGLY DOLL means she have a fear of sex, or fear about the possibility of having a child with a congenital problem or it is not good looking enough.

- If we dream that we HELP TO OUR AUNT TO GIVE BIRTH means that if we help and we do our part, we will carry out a project or something we've been planning.

- If a woman dreams of giving birth to a KITTEN and dream is not anguished , means you have a good relationship with cats, it can mean fertility, and good luck in love, thanks to that pleases the goddess Bastet (Bastet is a goddess or good archangel).
But if you dream of giving birth to a kitten with a deformity in the eyes, then it means that in order to achieve to be lucky in love or take good care of their children, should show more courage and determination.

- If we dream that our MOTHER GIVES BIRTH in a complicated delivery that required help means that if we analyze the situation, we will achieve success despite the difficulties.

- If in our dream we see an UNCOMPLICATED BIRTH means that something good is about to happen.

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